How to Choose the Perfect Hotels for Tibet Tour?
How to Choose the Perfect Hotels for Tibet Tour?

When you decide to book a Tibet tour, one of the most important things to do is to choose nice hotels for the whole trip. While choosing decent hotels with a good local offer can be daunting. Surfing on the internet, you will find many types of hotels with different rates in different travel destination of Tibet. How can I suppose to know which accommodation is the ideal one to choose? Here Tibet Travel Expert Service, a local Lhasa travel agency, shares some basic information and insider tips of how to find the hotels you like. We are aiming to help enhance and improve your overall Tibetan travel experiences.

Choosing the nice hotels for Tibet tour don’t have to be difficult. It is important to have a plan and keep your eyes on the goal while browsing through the endless possibilities. A hotel can make or break your holiday. We hope the information below from Tibet Travel Expert can help you.

Basic Situation of Hotels in Tibet

Geographically dramatic and remote, Tibet is widely known as the Roof of the World, and has an average altitude of 13,000ft (4,000m) above sea level. Hotels in Tibet emerges the regional features, due to the isolation and extreme altitude and inhospitable environment. Starting in Lhasa, the capital city of Tibet, while you travel further into the remoter parts of Tibet, the hotel choice would be lesser with poorer facilities. And those poorer hotels at remote parts of Tibet are often overpriced in comparison with same rate of hotels in other cities of China.

Choose Hotels in the Right Location for Tibet Tour

It is the mantra of real estate agents: location, location, location. You certainly heard the phrase often enough. It matters just as much of choosing the perfect hotels for Tibet tour. If a hotel is nearby famous sites, the price of the hotel is higher than others far out of downtown. Take Lhasa city for example, hotels in Lhasa Old Town, within walking distance to Jokhang Temple are often more expensive than hotels of the same category. At Lhasa old town it is convenient not only to go for sightseeing, there are many restaurants, cafes and shops too.

What Rate of Hotel to choose for Tibet Tour

Generally speaking, Tibet has lower hotel standard comparing with other provinces of China, especially outside of Lhasa city. Taking facilities, surroundings, and service into consideration we would suggest you choose 4- or 5- star ones. Tibet has but a few high end 5-star hotels. More than often, you can get a better price by booking online yourselves on major platforms or if you are already a member of chain hotels.

Cost of Hotels for Tibet Tour in different season and location

On the one hand, travelers want to stay in very comfortable hotels. On the other hand, almost all travelers do care quite a lot about the cost of hotels. They normally wish to maximize the value of every penny from their hard-working money on a tour. With regard to the accommodation, the location, facility, feature, and star level will impact the price of the room. The season will also have great influence on the price.

Sometimes, in peak season (April to October), the price is as double high as that in the off-season. So, if you want to save money, you may consider to choose the right season and your ideal location. Not to mention the fact that travel to Tibet in winter can offer you a big discount on the rail, flight, hotels, even the entrance fees of some scenic spots. Also, many Tibetan festivals take place in winter, including Tibetan New Year, Shoton Festival, etc.

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