Tibet Infrastructure Construction Has Huge Investment in 2017
Tibet Infrastructure Construction

Tibet Infrastructure Construction Investment in 2017

Tibet infrastructure construction is under great investment in 2017. For example, the investment amount will reach about 201 billion yuan. It is a huge amount for regional development. From it, we can see the emphasis government put on Tibet further development. The investment will focus on improvement of people’s lives, environment, social management and featured industries. Thus, it is good for local economy development and can improve the quality of Tibet tours. With more tourists going to Tibet, they will feel the new changes of Tibetan society instead of poor situation. That is what all the Tibetan people want to show to the world, a new and enhanced situation.

Tibet Infrastructure Construction-Electricity
Tibet Infrastructure Construction-Electricity


Tibet Infrastructure Construction Achievement in 2016

In 2016, Tibet infrastructure construction has made big progress. According to the vice director of the Development Reform Commission of Tibet Autonomous Region, there were 1,996 subprojects under construction. For example, the 318 Water Conservancy Projects has restarted, which cover 50 key irrigated areas, 22 urban levees and 10 urban drinking water sources. For electricity building, Tibet Gird has connected with other parts in the country through Qinghai-Tibet Grid and Sichuan-Tibet Grid. Thus, the process of electricity transmission is in good condition. What’s more, the electricity generation has achieved 265 kilowatts. And the power generation has amounted to 5.3 kwh. For transportation, in 2016, the 44 key road projects have been started. As for railway construction, the government invested about 8.5 billion yuan. Thus, it will accelerate the expansion of Lhasa-Nyingchi Railway and Qinghai-Tibet Railway. With the development of transportation, there will be new opportunities to local tourism and economy.

Tibet Infrastructure Construction-Railway


Source: China Tibet News

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