Tibet Kailash Travel Permits Application

Tibet Kailash Travel Permits Application Guideline

So far in 2017 Tibet travel permit regulations have allowed thousands of foreign travelers to explore Tibet. All foreign visitors must have a travel permit before they enter. So for those planning a trip this can be the most confusing part! Fortunately, a properly registered Tibet travel agency will take care of the legwork required to obtain the permit. To help travelers plan their tour Lhasa based travel agency Tibet Travel Expert Service shares the details for most complicated Tibet Kailash travel permits application.

Overall, for Mt. Kailash Lake Manasarovar tour, you will need to have the 6 documents listed below:

A. Valid Passport
B. Chinese Visa or Tibet Group Visa
C. Tibet Tourism Bureau (TTB) Permits-Tibet travel permits for entry
D. Tibet Aliens’ Travel Permits (PSB’s)-for not fully open areas;
E. Tibet Military Permit and Foreign Affairs Permit-for Kailash and Kham Tours;
F. Tibet Boarder Defense Permit-for Everest and Kailash trip

The process of applying Tibet Kailash travel permits:

Step 1 Submit application to Tibet Tourism Bureau (TTB) and get initial approval from TTB. TTB will stamp the application letter form for next process step No.2.

Step 2 Submit application to Tibet (National) Security Bureau and get initial approval with stamp on the letter form of Step.1.

Step 3 Submit application to foreign affairs bureau, and get a legal document stating traveler’s travel schedule and travel destination.

Step 4 With the legal document from Step 3, we will need to apply China Local military permit for Kailash travel.

Step 5 With all the letter forms and legal documents obtained on Step 3 and Step 4, we will get the initial Tibet entry travel permits from TTB.

Step 6 With the TTB permit (not ready), we will submit application to Tibet public security bureau and get the blue stamp and back up (on the two pieces of A 4 size paper).

Step 7 With the Public Security Bureau stamped permit, we can go to TTB again to get all the red stamps on the entry permits.

Step 8 With all the legal Tibet travel permits documents above (Foreign affairs permit, Military permits, TTB permits), we can now get the border defense permits. After this step, we can send original permits to foreign traveler’s departure city for their flight to Lhasa.

Step.9 After foreign travelers arrival in Lhasa, we will arrange another permit which is called Alien’s travel permit. This permit can be easily obtained in Gyantse, Shigatse city, or Lhasa city.

Tibet Lake Manasarovar Travel Permits
Tibet Lake Manasarovar Travel Permits

Finally if clients enter Tibet from Nepal for Kailash travel, additional Tibet group visa will be necessary. And the visa invitation letter will be issued as well.

For Tibet Kailash Tour Permits and travel service, which local Tibet travel agency will you choose?

From above process, do you believe Tibet travel permits is free? If someone says Tibet permits application is free, this is totally a tourist trap. It is free but they do not offer you permits only. Kailash travel permits application is time consuming process, so that is why Kailash tour booking needs to be at least one month in advance to avoid urgent cases. learn more about Tibet travel permits. Based in Lhasa, Tibet travel expert service can help you apply all necessary Tibet Kailash Manasarovar travel permits documents. Start a Tibet tour, contact a reliable Tibet travel agency with affordable Kailash tour prices now!

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