Lhasa Railway Station, located in Niu New Area of Doilungdeqen District, is the largest station in Tibet. It is also the final destination of the famous Tibet Railway. Because Lhasa Railway Station is at altitude of 3600 meters it becomes one of highest railway stations in the world.

It is about 8 kilometers (5 miles) away from Potala Palace, which will totally take visitors about 25-30 minutes by road. According to local experience, traveling by the public bus such as Bus No.1, No.13, No.14 and No.30 will cost you only one yuan to go to the Potala Palace.

Lhasa Railway Train Travel Schedules shows there are five passenger trains stopping daily at Lhasa Railway Station. Currently, the next four trains are displayed by the departure indicator in both Chinese and Tibetan. The times and train numbers are in Latin alphanumeric characters.

2018 Xining to Lhasa Train Schedule

Including the direct Xining to Lhasa train, there are all the other trains to Lhasa via Xining railway station. In this case, if the tickets sold out in other popular stations like Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, you could get a ticket from Xining to Lhasa instead. The next is the schedules of all the trains to Lhasa via Xining.

Train No.From / ToDep. / Arr.DurationDistance (km)FrequencyHard sleeper TicketSoft Sleeper Ticket
Z323Chengdu to Lhasa12:27/09:5521:281972Every Other DayCNY495CNY781
Z223Chongqing to Lhasa12:27/09:5521:281972Every Other DayCNY495CNY781
Z6801Xining to Lhasa14:01/11:1021:091972Every Other DayCNY495CNY781
Z917Lanzhou to Lhasa14:01/11:1021:091972Every Other DayCNY495CNY781
Z21Beijing to Lhasa15:21/12:1020:491972DailyCNY495CNY781
Z265Guangzhou to Lhasa19:45/17:0521:201972DailyCNY495CNY781
Z6811Xining to Lhasa20:30/18:1021:401972Daily (seasonal)CNY495CNY781
Z165Shanghai to Lhasa21:32/19:1721:451972DailyCNY495CNY781


Latest Timetable and Schedule of Xining Lhasa Train

Timetable of Xining to Lhasa Train – No. Z6801

Xining(西宁)2,200 m —14:05Day 1
Delingha(德令哈)2,980 m18:0718:13Day 1521 km
Golmud(格尔木)2,780 m20:5821:23Day 1830 km
Amdo(安多)4,800 m5:335:37Day 21,524 km
Nagchu(那曲)4,500 m6:567:02Day 21,650 km
Damxung(当雄)4,290 m8:388:42Day 21,808 km
Lhasa(拉萨)3,650 m12:00 —Day 21,972 km


Timetable of Xining to Lhasa Train – No. Z6811

Xining(西宁)2,200 m —20:20Day 1
Delingha(德令哈)2,980 m00:2200:28Day 1521 km
Golmud(格尔木)2,780 m03:1303:38Day 1830 km
Amdo(安多)4,800 m11:4111:45Day 21,524 km
Nagchu(那曲)4,500 m13:1513:21Day 21,650 km
Damxung(当雄)4,290 m15:1115:15Day 21,808 km
Lhasa(拉萨)3,650 m17:25  —Day 21,972 km


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