Tibet Ctrip advices about Using Money in Tibet
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Using money on a Tibet tour is among travelers’ top questions and concerns. To help travelers avoid money-related Tibet travel hassles, Tibet Ctrip Travel Service-TCTS (www.tibetctrip.com) gives many Tibet money tips.

Travelers planning a Tibet tour often ask questions such as: “Are credit cards accepted in Tibet?” or “Can I use my ATM card in Tibet?” Using money in Tibet can be different than many of the countries that foreign visitors hail from. To help travelers prepare for their tour, Tibet Ctrip Travel Service-TCTS (www.tibetctrip.com) has released updated travel information about using money in Tibet. In general, travelers should not expect to use credit cards in Tibet, a few of Lhasa’s high-end hotels or cash advances at a bank are exceptions. Reliable ATMs, many of which accept foreign cards, are available in many places throughout Lhasa. Tibet has seen rapid improvements to its tourist infrastructure in a short amount of time. However, to avoid money-related Tibet travel hassles travellers must arrive informed of money differences between Tibet and their home country.

Advices about Using Money in Tibet

-The local currency is the Chinese Yuan (CNY, also called RMB). Many travelers choose to withdraw cash from banks such as Bank of China (BOC) or International Construction Bank of China (ICBC), other banks may not always accept foreign ATM cards. It is very important for travelers to call their bank before using their card internationally. While there may be ATMs in several Tibetan cities, to head off potential problems, travelers are advised to withdraw cash before their Tibet tour departs Lhasa.

-Travelers with currency other than RMB can exchange it at a variety of locations. For the most part banks offer the best exchange rates. Usually identification such as a passport will be required. To help mitigate language barrier, travelers’ native Tibetan can assist in the exchange process. Some hotels also offer currency exchange services but only for a limited selection of currencies and typically at a lower rate.

Over the last several years Tibet has become an increasingly tourist-friendly travel destination. Even though Tibet tour is easier and more accessible than ever before, travelers must come prepared. Credit cards are, for the most part, not accepted. Also, banks may freeze ATM cards if travelers forget to inform them beforehand that they will be traveling. For travelers’ convenience, Tibet Ctrip’s native Tibetan guides can direct travelers to a reliable ATM and, if necessary, assist them in the money exchange process. By taking time to prepare well, travelers can avoid money-related hassles while travelling in Tibet!

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