In the morning of Nov.16th, the ‘Ancient Hero City, Charming Gyantse-Red River Valley Tour’ tourism promotion organized by the Tourism Bureau of Gyantse County, Shigatse was held in Tibet Hotel. In the tourism promotion, the bureau introduced some theme tours such as Red River Valley Culture Tour, Religious Pilgrimage Tour, and Gyantse Folk Tour.

According from Lhasa Tourism Bureau, Lhasa City is making plans about winter travels and will focus on promoting natural sceneries like sunlight, starry sky, migrant birds, and cultural landscape like festivals. 

As the low season comes, there are not as many people as in the high season in spring and summer. The Tibet Tourism Bureau (TTB) has more time and energy to look through the travel permits application procedure.

Local people repaint Potala Palace at the end of this October. In this period, the rainy season was coming to an end. So people started the annual Potala Palace repainting activity.

Good news to foreign travelers who want to go to Tibet overland.According to our Tibet local insider, the Sichuan to Tibet overland and Yunnan to Tibet overland is opened to foreigners early this year. Travelers are able to visit Tibet from Sichuan and Yunnan overland.

Many people think that plateau is supposed to be high and cold,and winter is not a tour season for Tibet. However, in fact, the winter of Tibet has another beauty and worth to visit.With bright blue sky, few tourists, lots of pilgrims and discounted prices, I am sure you will have a great time in Tibet.

According to Chinese Tibet News Website, from the past three quarters, the total output value of Ngari area is estimated to reach 3 billion and 526 million yuan, which is accounted for 83.4% of the annual plan, with an increase of 17%.

Kangding to Nyingchi section has been listed into the 2018 starting plan, the construction is expected to be completed in seven and a half years which means in 2025.