According to Xinhua News, over 4 billion Yuan (592 million dollars) is earmarked to improve education status in some rural areas in Tibet Autonomous Region, such as agricultural area and pastoral area.

After years of exploration and research, the Qinghai-Tibet Railway was finally opened to traffic in July 2006. Tibet travel is no longer a difficult thing for tourists especially for foreigners.

The new opened highway on Oct. 23 connected Rabqen Town and Xia Lingka Town in Zogang County, standing for that now highways were fully covered in total 138 towns in Chamdo City, southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region.

According to China Daily, a Mountaineering center is planned to build in Gangkar Township, close to the northern slope of Qomolangma or Mt. Everest. This Mountaineering center is aimed at boosting Tibet economy and growing the mountaineering industry.

This ‘Wise Village’ has become the data platform of country tours, and promote the quality of country tours as well.The database of this project combined with scenic attractions, family hotels, and traffic information so that tourists can look up the update information time to time.

As reported from the News Travel Agency, the Chinese Academy of Social Science (CAAS) published “Tibet’s Ecosystem Security Barrier Protection and Construction Projects (2008-2014) Construction Effect Evaluation” Report in the news conference held by the State Council.

The Vice – Chairman of the Government of the Tibet Autonomous Region has stressed that Tibet is still one of the world’s best regions in environment. Most of the areas in Tibet are still in a primordial state.

Tibetan Autumn Mountain Climbing Activities Come to an End, More Than 50 Foreign Mountaineering Teams are Received throughout the Year   Reporters from the Mountain Management Center of Tibet Autonomous Region was informed that the Autumn Tibet mountain climbing activities have been completed on the Oct. 25th, this year Tibet climbing center received a total of more than 50 teams from the United Kingdom, Russia, Austria, Australia and other 30