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Are you still looking for Tibet tourists attractions in Ngari prefecture, Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR)? Nagri is about 1800 km to the far northwest of Lhasa, capital city of Tibet. And there are so much to explore. Fore example, you may have heard the famous Mt. Kailash, Holy Lake Manasarovar, Mysterious Guge Kingdom, some authentic Tibetan country villages and so on. Here let local travel expert from Lhasa provide you the attractions list and entrance tickets fee for your reference. Before you go, please get to know the names of the famous Ngari tourists attractions, all the entrance tickets prices. However these Tibet Ngari region tourists attractions tickets entrance fee is just for reference, and some of the sites are possibly closed without prior notice due to temporal maintenance, or special meeting, etc. With the Tibet travel permits policy changing quite often, should you have any questions about travelling to Mt. Kailash and beyond, please get in tough with us.

Ngari1Mount Kailash 冈仁波齐180 RMB
2Chiu Monastery 即乌寺Free
3Donkar and PiyangFree
4Gossul Monastery 果热寺Free
5Guge Kingdom 古格王朝65 RMB
6Korjak Monastery
7Lake Manasarovar/Mapangyuntso Lake150 RMB
8Nepal Building and Darchula Bazaar
9Pangong Lake 班公湖30 RMB
10Rutog Rock Paintings 日土岩画Free
11Tholing Monastery 托林寺50 RMB
12Toling Monastery 土林寺30 RMB
13Trithapuri Monastery 札达布日寺Free
14Tsamda Forests  札达土林30 RMB
15Zhari Namco  扎日南木错Free
Manasarovar Lake, Tibet tour
Manasarovar Lake, West Tibet tourist Attraction

Tibet Kailash and Ngari Travel Reference-Special Offers

Well the latest Tibet travel promotional policy in 2018 dated in January says that the entrance tickets for most of Tibet are free by the end of April in 2018. And this will probably apply for every year in the same low tour season. And wish foreign travelers can choose the month from January to April to travel in Tibet. But please be noted that Tibet is annually closed between early February and end of March, so all foreign travelers can not get Tibet travel permits in this period of time.  If your travel covers Mt. Kailash and other tourists attractions in Ngari, west Tibet, you’d better confirm the Tibet travel permits application at least 45 days before your arrival date to avoid any urgent issue. So if you want to explore west Tibet, please feel free to contact our local Tibet tour agency.

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