Tibet Trip to Palcho Monastery
palcho monastery

Palcho Monastery

Pacho Monastery, also known as Pelkor Chode Monastery, is the main monastery in Gyantse County, Tibet.

It was one of the must-see attraction on our Tibet travel plan. Because it combines three sects of Kadampa, Gelugpa and Sakyapa harmoniously together even enough they once fought together. In Tibetan language, Palcho means luck and happy. So, local Tibetan think this monastery could bring us some kind of happiness and luck.


Before entering the monastery, we paid additional fees for our cameras. It was rare that one should pay for his/her camera, but anyway, in order to take great photos we paid the entrance fee for our cameras. After entering the monastery, we walked clockwise from left to right to explore this historical building.


Traveler like me all be shocked by the Bodhi Dagoba, which is 23 meters high and own 108 gates, 76 chapels and shrines. It has another name ‘Ten Thousand Buddha Pagoda’. In the pagoda, ten thousand figures of Buddha are celebrated in shrines and chapels. This was really marvelous.

Also, I found the murals on the wall were interesting. There are various murals in the monastery, witnessing and telling the history of Buddhism and esoteric Buddhism culture.


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