It’s Official! Tibet Is Now Open to Norwegians in 2019
Norway Travelers can Travel to Tibet with Permits Assured

All foreign travelers need Tibet Permits to travel to Tibet. In 2010, the authorities topped issuing Tibet Permits to Norwegian travelers. The ban has finally been lifted in 2018. Norwegian travelers are now able to travel to Tibet in 2018 as travelers from any other countries. Contact our Lhasa local tour agency for more details on how to travel from Norway to Tibet!

Highlighted Tibet Permits News for Travelers from the country of Norway

Tibet had not issued Tibet Permits to Norwegians since 2010. It has been about 8 years since Norwegians been banned from Tibet travel. It steamed from the Nobel Peace Prize being awarded to a Chinese dissident by Norwegian Nobel Committee. Over the years, there had been guessing & expecting over the reopening of Tibet to Norwegians, and now, in July 2018, it’s finally official that Tibet is Now Open to Norwegians, marking the unfrozen of Sino-Norway relationship.

Many Norwegians had contacted us over the years expressing the desire to travel Tibet. It has been  8 long years since any Norwegian travelers set foot on Tibet. Tibet Ctrip Travel Service- Tibet Travel Expert (, provides here a thorough rundown.  How to travel Tibet in 2018 for Norway passport-holders?

Step 1 – Contact us. Based on your preference and interests, our experienced travel consultant will assist you to plan a perfect Tibet tour of your own with confirmed itinerary and duration
Step 2 – Pay required minimum deposit to have the booking confirmed
Step 3 – Provide us required docs: Passport data page & Chinese visa page in due time
Step 4 — Pack your bag. We are waiting for you in Tibet

CHINESE VISA FOR Norwegian Travelers

Norwegians need Chinese visa to travel to Tibet. If you are coming to Tibet from mainland China, you must apply Chinese Visa at local Chinese embassy in Norway. We suggest you not to mention Tibet while applying Chinese visa for Chinese embassy may require extra paperwork. If you are coming to Tibet from Nepal, we need to apply you a special visa called Chinese Group Visa in Kathmandu after your arrival with your original passport which takes 3 working days.

Tibet Travel Permits for Norwegian Travelers

Norwegians need Tibet Permits to travel Tibet as same as travelers from any other nations. For us to obtain Tibet Permits for Norwegians, we need below 2 documents from you. Some may think Tibet Permits sound very formidable and complicated, but Tibet Permits application is a regular procedure at Tibet Tourism Bureau.  As a local agent we are familiar with the process, and we will help you receive your permits on time as long as you follow the instructions of requirements.
 Passport bio page copy
 Chinese visa page copy

The process of Tibet Permits takes usually takes about 15~30 days depends on your tour itinerary in Tibet. The more complicated of itinerary the longer it takes to do all necessary Tibet Permits.

Your personal details as name, passport number, date of birth, sex, etc. will be printed on your Tibet Permits, as well as the details of your Tibet tour, for example, from which city will you to enter Tibet and to depart to after Tibet tour; the exact duration in Tibet, from when to when; your intended itinerary in Tibet. The name of your travel agency will also be on your Tibet Permits. As you travel agent in Tibet, they will be responsible for you during your stay in Tibet. During your Tibet tour, you will see that there are many checkpoints in Tibet where your local Tibetan guide will give your Tibet Permits for authority to check.


There is no direct international flight from Norway to Tibet. To travel from Norway to Tibet, you will have to stop over in some cities of China, e.g. Chengdu, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, etc. Then take the China domestic flight from these cities to Lhasa. Ideally, we suggest you spend one night in these cities to receive your Tibet Permits at your hotel there. Among all these cities, we suggest you Chengdu as your first choice, which is more closely connect with Tibet. Like Tibet Ctrip Travel Service Team, we also have an office in Chengdu besides Lhasa.

SPECIAL NOTE for Tourists from Norway

When booking your trip, it is important to remember that government regulations can stop issuing all Tibet travel permits with little to no advanced notice. As your local travel agency, Tibet Ctrip will keep you up to date on changes in regulations, but you must accept the risk that they can change at any time and be flexible if you choose to book Tibet tour. If a change in the Tibet travel permit regulations prevents you from entering Tibet, there are a variety of nearby destinations in China and Nepal that you can travel to with no restrictions.

It is important to follow all local laws when visiting Tibet. While a violation might not set you back much, there have been instances in which travel agencies received fines of more than 50,000 yuan, and run the risk of losing business. This is especially important in sensitive areas, always listen to your local Tibetan guide. While traveling in Tibet you will need to be as respectful and understanding of the local laws as possible. If you abide by any regulations applicable at the time of your visit your risk of encountering any problems will be minimized and you will, no doubt, have an unforgettable experience traveling in Tibet.

After 8 long years, Tibet Ctrip as a local Lhasa based travel agency is very excited to receive Norwegian travelers in 2018. With the autumn of 2018 coming soon, the best time of the year to travel Tibet, Norwegian travelers are suggested to contact Tibet Ctrip Travel Service- another brand of TCTS is Tibet Travel Expert Service ( as earlier as possible.

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