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Are you still looking for Tibet tourists attractions in Shigatse prefecture, Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR)? Shigatse city itself is the second largest city of Tibet and there are lots of things to see and to do. Maybe you will have the questions about travelling to Shigatse like this: What are the names of Shigatse travel attractions? How much for each tour attraction will you need to pay? Are there some free entrance tickets in the whole region including Gyantse, Shigatse, Mt. Everest, Sakya Monastery, etc? Here local Tibet travel Expert Service team introduces the 23 tourists attractions in Shigatse, Tibet. However these Tibet tickets entrance fee is just for reference, as the Tibet travel policy may keep changing and some attractions are even free in special period. Please read further.

Tibet Shigatse Tour Attractions Names and Entrance Tickets Price List

Tibet Shigatse Tour Attractions
and Tickets Price
1Tashilunpo Monastery 扎什伦布寺80 RMB
2Everest Base Camp180 RMB
3Gama Valley 嘎玛沟Free
4Gyantse Dzong/Gyantse Fortress60 RMB
5Kangbu Hot Spring
6Mangpu Hot Spring
7Milarepa Meditation Cave 密勒日巴禅修洞
8Mount Cho Oyu 卓奥友峰Free
9Mount Everest
10Mount Shishapangma 希夏邦马峰65 RMB
11Natang Monastery 纳塘寺Free
12Nojin Kangsang Glacier 乃钦康桑雪山Free
13Pala Manor 帕拉庄园25 RMB
14Peikutso Lake 佩估措湖60 RMB
15Pelkor Choede Kumbum60 RMB
16Phuntsoling Monastery 平措林寺Free
17Ralung Monastery
18Rongbuk Monastery25 RMB
19Rongpuk GlacierFree
20Sakya Monastery45 RMB
21Shalu Monastery 夏鲁寺40 RMB
22Summer Palace of Panchen Lamas 班禅行宫
23Yungdrungling Monastery 雍仲林寺20 RMB

Well the latest Tibet tourism promotional travel policy in 2018 says that the entrance tickets for most of Tibet are free by the end of April in 2018. And this great policy will probably apply for every year in the same low tour season. And wish foreign travelers can choose the month from January to April to travel in Tibet. If you are interested in a Tibet tour, please feel free to contact our local Tibet tour agency.

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