Tibet Shopping Tips for 2018 Tibet Travel Season
Tibet Shopping Tips for 2018 Tibet Travel Season

On a tour of Tibet, travelers are often excited about foreign sights, sounds, and smells! Spending time hunting for authentic souvenirs is an essential part of any Tibet tour! But for first-timers to Tibet, they can find it difficult to know where and how to buy authentic souvenirs at good prices. To help travelers get the best deals possible on authentic souvenirs, Tibet Travel Expert has released newly updated Tibet shopping tips for 2018 Tibet travel season! For the overall best prices and quality, Tibet Travel Expert advises travelers to purchase souvenirs from Tibetan owned shops.

Tibet Shopping Tips for 2018 Tibet Travel Season

  • What to buy: All sorts of Tibetan arts and crafts are available for purchase; some of the most popular include prayer flags, hand made jewelry, and Tibetan carpets. Other souvenirs include incense, Thangka, and Tibetan Opera Masks. The list goes on and on, there is truly something for everyone! Your native Tibetan guides are happy to provide advice on finding quality souvenirs and negotiating the price.
Tibet Shopping Tips for 2018 Tibet Travel Season-Tibetan opera masks Souvenirs
Tibetan Opera Masks Souvenirs
  • Where to buy: Authentic souvenirs can be found throughout Tibet, however, the must-see shopping attraction is Barkhor Bazaar (Barkhor Street). Most Tibet travel itineraries allow time for travelers to search its hustling and bustling alleyways for the perfect souvenir! There is also a Tibetan market in Shigatse. Although the selection is smaller, prices on souvenirs like prayer flags, prayer wheels, and Tibetan opera masks are typically lower.
Tibet Shopping Tips for 2018 Tibet Travel Season-Barkhor Streets Travel
Barkhor Bazaar / Barkhor Streets
  • How to bargain: Bargaining for souvenirs is a must! For the most part items in shops or at souvenir stalls do not have set prices, bargaining is a normal part of shopping and doing business in Tibet. Foreigners who travel Tibet are often offered very high prices at first, so it’s best to respond with an offer well below and negotiate from there. Travelers shouldn’t be afraid to walk away if the shopkeeper isn’t willing to budge. Please be respectful and remember that a few RMB means much more to the shopkeeper than it would to most travelers.
Tibet Shopping Tips for 2018 Tibet Travel Season-Tibetan arts and crafts
Tibetan Crafts

For the best deals, travelers are advised to purchase arts and crafts from Tibetan owned shops. Not only do they provide higher quality goods, but it also keeps money in the Tibetan community! Searching through the crowded alleyways of Barkhor Bazaar or browsing the souvenir stalls in Shigatse’s Tibetan Market can be a thrilling experience! Tourists can ask their native guide for Tibet shopping tips about finding quality souvenirs with the best price. Quality souvenirs help create lasting travel memories, so be sure to pick up some souvenirs when travelling in Tibet!

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