Drak Yerpa Monastery Meditation Caves Drak Yerpa Monastery Meditation Caves–Drak Yerpa(4885m) locates about 16km northeast of Lhasa, a short drive to Dagtse County, is one of the holiest meditation cave in Tibet. Built in the 7th century, the whole monastery was compacted in the cliff. It has a history of over 1500 years and also ranks one of the most famous monasteries in Tibetan history. A monastery and some meditation

Drepung Monastery is one of the six Gelugpa Monasteries in Tibet. Its Tibetan name means “Rice Heap Monastery” indicating prosperity. It is located about 5 km from the west suburb of Lhasa on the Gambo Utse Mountain.

Peiku-tso Lake lies in Nyalam County, 250 km from Tingri County. And it is the largest lake in Shigatse area covering over 300 square kilometers. The elevation from the lake surface is 4,590 meters.

Mt. Everest National Nature Reserve locates in four counties of Tingri, Nyalam, Gyirong and Tingkye. The location is about 27-29 degrees north latitude and 84-88 degrees east longitude. It has the area of 3.381 million hectares. 

Tsurphu Monastery locates at the upstream of Tsurphu River, about 70 km west from Lhasa. It is the main seat of Karmapa branch of Kagyupa, the third largest school of Tibetan Buddhism.

Lhasa River may not be very famous compared to some renowned big rivers, but it is the mother river of Tibetan people. Thus, in their hearts, the river is sacred and cannot be violated.

Lake Manasarovar is the holy lake of Buddhism, Hinduism, Bon, and Jainism. Thus, every year many pilgrims come to worship the sacred lake and even bathe in the lake water.

Lhasa Niangre Resort locates in the northern Lhasa, 6km from the city center. It is pure folk attraction in Lhasa. Tourists not only enjoy the folk custom garden, but also experience the typical Tibetan village life. So, if you want to explore the charm of traditional Tibetan culture, this is definitely a good place for you.