True Tibet taste and lifestyle: Barkhor Street
Barkhor Street

Lhasa has many attractions for Tibet city tour. After visiting Jokhang Temple, we went to the surrounding Barkhor Street. There were lots of local restaurants and shops showing original Tibetan handicrafts and clothes. Many pilgrims were there because once it was the holy road for them. I can see some teenagers and they were really devout which impressed me a lot. The shop keepers were very friendly and welcoming. I bought some bracelets with Tibetan jewels and they looked really gorgeous on my arms. There were many kinds of Tibetan accessories, so I bet you can surely find the one you like. If you have interests in Buddhism, you can also buy some religious stuff, like prayer wheels, “Thangka” (The Tibetan scroll painting) and other religious articles. The prosperous atmosphere of the street will attract you and make you feel the true Tibet taste and life style.

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