Tibet Toilet Revolution Begins in 2017
Tibet Toilet

Lhasa-Jan. 12 According to Xinhua News Agency, the government of Tibet Autonomous Region decided to begin a “Tibet Toilet Revolution” in 2017. To do that, the government will spend 1.2 billion yuan in building and renovating 2,000 toilets in Tibet. The purpose of the action is to promote tourism and improve local people’s lives.


The 2,000 toilets will locate at main attractions, along major roads and at public places with a concentration of people, Sonam Nyima said. In addition, he mentioned that the planning has begun from last year. It includes choosing places, designing the exterior appearance and setting up tech standards. Moreover, different places should build toilets based on its own character. It is not scientific to make every toilet look just the same.


Trend for Future Tibet Toilet

The ideal toilet is small, portable, bubble flush toilet wrapping up feces as fertilizers, said the Director of Zhanang Tourism Bureau. Thus, pro-environmental toilets will be the trend in the future.

Tibet Toilet
Tibet Toilet Exterior Appearance


In Shiquanhe town, most flush toilets have replaced dry toilets. After the renovation, local people enjoy cleaner environment. Also, their sanitation habits are better than before.


Tibet Toilet Revolution is just the beginning. But, it is a good opportunity to start enhancing public service in Tibet. Only with better public service can Tibet attracts more tourists around the world.


If you travel to Tibet in the future, hope the improving condition can make your Tibet tour more wonderful.

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