2 days Namtso Lake Tour provides you the beautiful scenery of Namtso Lake. In addition, you can spend the night near the lake. And it is an ideal place to see the starry sky. Bright stars in the sky are just like your dream which directs your way in life. The 2 days Namtso Lake Tour is a soul trip for city dwellers. After long time tired work in cities, we all want to escape the high speed society and go back to peaceful land. Thus, Namtso Lake is the place you can leave all things behind and have a conversation with yourself. After the tour, you will have more energy to embrace the city life. If you feel tired afterwards, you can still choose to go for Namtso Lake. The natural scenery is always there waiting for tired souls.

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2 Days Namtso Lake Tour in Summer

Highlighted Tibet 2 days Namtso Lake Tour covers the heaven Lake Namtso. There are 6-12 travelers per group (maximum is 16 pax). Please book it at least 7 days in advance. It is recommended for summer month of June, July and August. However please confirm permits package booking at least 15 days in advance. 

2 Days
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