There are many kinds of Tibet Travel Permits and Tibet Travel Expert can help foreign visitors apply for them. As a Lhasa-based Tibet travel agency, we are professional and reliable. Since we have served more than 5,000 clients, we have rich knowledge and experience. So you can trust us and we will provide you with an easy and pleasant Tibet tour.

Breif Intro of Tibet Travel Permits

The most common Tibet permit is Tibet Tourism Bureau (TTB) Permit. This is a must for every foreign travellers in Tibet. So people also call it Tibet Entry permit. With this, you can travel to Lhasa, Shigatse and Gyantse. However, for other parts in Tibet, you need to apply for Aliens’ Travel Permit (ATP). And for Mt. Kailash and Everest Base Camp, you need Border Defense Permit. If you want to go to Kailash or have a Sichuan/Yunnan to Tibet overland tour, you should also apply for Military and Foreign Affairs Permit as well.

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EBC Permits and Airport Transfer

Everest Travel Permits Product is suitable for booking the 4 days Everest B.C Group Tour. But the permit does not include places of Kailash or Kham. And of course you cannot travel with any other agencies with our agency’s permit.However you can add other short tours in or near Lhasa.

Tour Permits for Lhasa Around+Airport Transfer

This permit is only suitable for trip not covering Mt. Everest, Mt. Kailash and Kham. And of course you cannot travel with any other agencies with our agency’s permit.However you will need to add at least one day Lhasa tour and/or any tours out side of Lhasa.

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Mini Lhasa Tour with Tibet Travel Permits

Can we travel in Lhasa mostly by ourselves? Well if you do not want to book tour out of Lhasa but want to spend time on your own in Lhasa, this permits is suitable. This Lhasa travel permits allows you to have free time in Lhasa on your own. If you just need one day or two days tours service for must-see attractions in Lhasa, please inform your TripAdvisor and we can combine other tour products you need.

1-10 days
Lhasa and Around