Tibet Transportation News 2017
Tibet transportation news, Tibet airlines shuttle bus

Tibet Transportation News About Vehicles

According to Public Security Department’s decision on 2016/12/23, there are news changes about Tibet transportation regulations. The Tibet Transportation News are following:


1.    From 2017/1/1, the police will not arrange policeman following some vehicle types. These vehicle types include Plateau New Type Passenger Car with 29 seats, Airlines shuttle bus within 100km and short distance passenger transport vehicle. Moreover, tourist vehicles and Temple Lane vehicle can also apply to the new policy. Also, the new policy can be applied by inter provincial long distance passenger transport vehicle and non-operating vehicle with 29 seats (include 29 seats) entering Tibet from outside.

Tibet transportation news, Tibet airlines shuttle bus
Tibet transportation news, Tibet airlines shuttle


2.    For vehicle with 30 seats or more than 30 seats, the policeman will still follow the car. Meanwhile, the number of people on the car should not exceed 29 people including the drive and the policeman.


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