For many travelers, Tibet is a magical and mysterious destination. Not only is it an opportunity to please your ears, but also it is an opportunity to experience local Tibetan life. Tibet Travel Expert Service, a professional Tibet travel agency, introduces a Tibet instrument to you-the Damaru. Damaru is a small two-headed drum,and it is popular used in Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism. In the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, the Damaru is

Reliable Tibet travel permits application with local Lhasa tour agency Great news: You can expect professional and reliable Tibet Travel Permits Application service with Local Lhasa Tour Agency. Foreign travelers to Tibet can now get entry permits, according to Tibet Travel Expert Service (, a Lhasa local tour agency. “The annual March closure ban has been lifted so we can now apply all the regular permits for our customers.” Our agency also

Up to date tips for travelling in Tibet Tibet travel is full of stunning mountain landscapes and fascinating cultural experiences. Travelling here can be different than other popular destinations, making adequate preparation important. Tibet travel writer Tony shares new tips and facts to help visitors prepare for a Tibet tour. Tibet travel is worldwide famous for outdoor adventure and unique cultural experiences. Many travelers agree that travelling in Tibet can

Tibet Travel Permits 2017 regulations explained Travelers’ top questions and concerns have recently been centered around Tibet travel permits 2017 regulations. Tibet Travel Expert Service TTES has been staying on top of the latest news surrounding Tibet travel permits and discusses what travelers need to do in preparation for their trip to Tibet. Tibet permit 2017 regulations have recently been among travelers’ top questions and concerns. As many are aware,

Tibet Group Tours Recommendation Many foreign travelers are looking for group tours to Tibet right now ( Here we would love to recommend some itineraries and agencies to book with. Right now there are 5 famous Tibet group tour itineraries in whole Tibet so far. Tibet Group tour program No.1—3 nights 4 days Lhasa tour 4 Days Lhasa Group Travel Outline First Day: Arrival, free transfer to Lhasa at 10:30 am and

Gmail and Google Are Accessible in Tibet, China if you have VPN China has shut down Google and google’s related products such as “Gmail” or “Google Map” since many years ago. And “Gmail” is not accessible in whole China including Tibet (TAR). However you can easily get one free or cheap VPN service to ensure you can still use gmail, facebook, twitter, youtube, etc. Additionally you’d better copy every of

Tibet Travel Permits for USA citizens  Welcome to travel to Tibet from USA.Local Tibet travel agency guarantees the Tibet travel permits.According to Tibet tourism survey, so far US citizens visiting Tibet account for a huge part of overseas tourists who travel Tibet. To help more and more US citizens explore our Holy Land and have a lifetime experience, our Tibet travel expert team carefully prepares with the most easy-to-follow travel guide

Travelers looking to maximize the value of their trip to Tibet should consider these affordable Tibet group tours with quality services. Budget travelers on a tight schedule no longer have to count themselves out of a traveling in Tibet. With new four-day budget tours by Tibet Travel Expert Service-TTES (, travelers can save time and money on their Tibet tour! Lhasa based Tibet travel agency Tibet Travel Expert Service-TTES (

Travel Tibet on a budget, without sacrificing quality Those looking for a Tibet budget tour may feel that they are doomed to crowded tour buses with little one on one time with their native Tibetan guide. Local Tibet travel agency offers new budget Tibet travel options and provides informative tips! Travelers don’t have to look far for a quality Tibet group tour. Tibet Travel Expert Service innovative staff has made it
Travel to Lhasa Tibet from Guilin/Kunming by air or by Road? Guilin, as known to all, is one of the most famous tourism destination in whole China. However more and more foreign travelers begin to combine Guilin-Yangshuo and Lhasa Tibet in their travel lists. Travel to Lhasa, Tibet from Guilin-southwestern China Guangxi Province is easy. Every year we arrange Tibet trips for those travelers from countries such as Germany, UK,