When choosing a Tibet travel agent it is ease to become overwhelmed by the options! A simple Google search yields thousands upon thousands of agencies. This leaves it difficult for travelers to differentiate the quality tour providers from those with questionable track records. Unlike other tourist destinations, Tibet lacks honest and objective online reviews of tour providers which travelers needed to make an informed travel decision. Keeping in mind a

As a local Tibet travel agency of more than 14 years of experience, one of the most frequent questions we receive from our guests is: why is traveling in Tibet so expensive? There is no simple answer to this question, and we are not even sure if such indictment is true. However, we do understand that Tibet is not the most budget friendly travel destination in the world. There is

Are you still looking for attractions in Lhasa which you really want to see? Here local Tibet travel Expert Service team introduces all the 46 tourists attractions. In the table below, you can find all the names of the attractions in Lhasa, and the tickets fee reference. You can also email us directly to learn about what to see in Lhasa. Top Tibet Lhasa Attractions and Entrance Tickets Prices Lhasa

How to get to Lhasa Tibet from Shenyang,Dalian, Liao Ning Province or other northeast China? Every year there are many foreign people travelling to Lhasa Tibet from northeast China such as in Shenyang, Harbin, Dalian, Changchun,Inner Mongolia, etc. As it is too far away from the far northeast to the west of China. There is no direct flight between Lhasa and these places. Here below, local Tibet travel agency tells

The challenges of adjusting to day-to-day life in a foreign country can lead to fun filled adventures. However, trouble accessing or using money is certainly not one of those fun filled challenges. To help travelers avoid money related hassles, Lhasa based Tibet travel agency Tibet Travel Expert Service-TTES (https://www.tibettravelexpert.com) share some new travel tips. Many travel Tibet to immerse themselves in a place drastically different than the one they come

How to travel to Tibet from Bangkok, Thailand? Welcome to travel to Tibet from Bangkok,Thailand! Based in Lhasa, Tibet Travel Expert Service know very well that each year, lots of Thailand travelers travelled in Tibet and most of them are via Bangkok.  Here Tony from Tibet Travel Expert Service shares the important Tibet travel information with distinguished travelers from Bangkok and other cities in Thailand. 1) How to get to Tibet from Bangkok? As

Your Tibet trekking adventure doesn’t have to lead you to the top of Mt. Everest! Rock climbing or trekking experience are not prerequisites for enjoying an outdoor adventure high in the Himalayas. The Mt. Everest Base Camp trek was one of my first outdoor adventures, and honestly, I’m no athlete. Now that said, I certainly don’t advise setting out without doing some regular exercise for a couple months before; you’d

Tibet has always been the dream destination for tourists around the world. And with convenient transportation and open market, there appears numerous Tibet travel agencies. So it can be difficult to choose from them. Thus, here we list some main points of how to choose a reliable Tibet travel agency. Hope the information can help you make a wise decision and enjoy the Tibet tour. Abundant Years of Experience– A

Tibet is a sacred and magical place that countless people will come there every year. But for some people who visit Tibet at the first time, they barely know what to see and what to do during their Tibet trip. So I present the following top 10 Tibet Travel Experiences that almost all of the travelers won’t miss. Top 1 Potala Palace Standing in the ‘roof of the world’, Potala