Tibet Travel for All Kinds of Travelers
Tibet Travel for All Kinds of Travelers

For the upcoming Tibet travel season, TibetTravelExpert has expanded its tour options to offer an experience for every kind of traveler. Each year, millions visit Tibet from all over the world. With that comes a need for travel agencies who can serve a variety of different travelers. Whether travelers are looking to travel with a group or just looking to spend some time with family and a few close friends, TibetTravelExpert has developed solutions for almost every group size, interest, and budget.

Choose the type of attractions you like to visit in Tibet!

Tibet’s biggest attractions include its mountainous scenery and rich culture. Depending on a group’s interest, Tibet travel can be filled with visits to sprawling monasteries and architectural wonders like Potala Palace, or a variety of outdoor adventures. For example, bicyclists looking for an extreme challenge can even bike from Kathmandu to Lhasa and trekkers can make the hike to Everest Base Camp. Those looking for a more laid back trip will enjoy the numerous overland routes throughout Tibet. You will enjoy mountain scenery and massive alpine lakes from the comfort of a vehicle!

Enjoy the modern amenities and services in Tibet!

With increasing popularity as a travel destination, Tibet’s tourist infrastructure has undergone significant development. There are hotels, hostels, and guesthouses all over Tibet. Many are also able to accommodate large groups. For the budget traveler many of the hostels and guesthouses can provide incredible value. Travelers seeking more comfort and amenities will be glad to find hotels with attentive staff and modern conveniences. When it comes time to try some Tibetan cuisine, many restaurants provide menus in English. When dining at restaurants that don’t, pointing at something that looks tasty often gets the job done!

There is something for everyone in Tibet!

The options range from overland adventures to trekking or biking. While independent travel in Tibet is not possible at this time, a tour doesn’t have to limit travelers to rigid schedules with little free time. Any quality travel agent will work with groups to design an ideal itinerary. It’s important to use a native Tibetan guide. Not only will this give the most authentic perspective on Tibet possible, it also helps the local economy. TibetTravelExpert stands out from the rest by providing guides who are knowledgeable and passionate about their sharing their culture. With the upcoming Tibet travel season right around the corner, be sure to start planning soon!

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