Tibet Travel Agency Explains Tibet Travel Permit for 2018 tours

Tibet Travel Agency Explains Tibet Travel Permit application for 2018 tours

Tibet travel permits are required documents for all foreign travelers entering Tibet; they must be presented when arriving overland and at train stations and airports. According to the latest permit policy update travelers can begin booking tours with a start date of 10-15 days before arrival. A licensed travel agency must do the Tibet travel permit application work; just supply the required documents and they’ll take care of the rest. Tibet Travel Expert Service-TTES (https://www.tibettravelexpert.com ) has been operating in Tibet for over 10 years and shares the information travelers need to help ensure a hassle free experience.

  • First, all members of the group must obtain a Chinese visa and possess a passport valid for at least 6 months. It will be necessary to submit copies of both these to TTES at least 10 days before the tour start date. If coming from Nepal TTES will help travelers obtain a Tibet group visa (this will be necessary even if they have an existing Chinese visa). Travelers are asked to make sure that any information provided to TTES matches information on their passports.
  • TTES will also ask for travelers’ occupations. Journalists, military members, foreign diplomats and other individuals involved in political activities may need special permission to tour Tibet.
  • If arriving overland from Nepal, the group’s guide will meet them at the border with the permit. If the group is arriving from Mainland China they will need to provide an address (such as a hotel) for the permit to be mailed. This necessitates that travelers stay at least one night in China before coming to Tibet.

Obtaining a Tibet travel permit is relatively straightforward; just provide the required information along with copies of passports and visas, a licensed travel agency will take care of the Tibet travel permit application. Please be aware that permit policies may change with little advanced notice; TTES will help re-accommodate affected travelers’ tour itineraries. With the 2018 Tibet travel season coming up quickly it’s time to start tour planning! 

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