Tibet Travel Permit 2018 regulations explained
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Tibet Travel Permit 2018 regulations explained

Travelers’ top questions and concerns have recently been centered around Tibet travel permit 2018 regulations. Tibet Travel Expert Service TTES has been staying on top of the latest news surrounding Tibet travel permits and discusses what travelers need to do in preparation for their trip to Tibet.

Tibet permit 2018 regulations have recently been among travelers’ top questions and concerns. As many are aware, foreign visitors in Tibet are required to obtain a travel permit before they are allowed entry. In 2018 the Tibet tourism bureau has bolstered tourism levels by maintaining clear and consistent regulations. To help travelers plan their trips, Tibet Travel Expert Service-TTES (www.tibettravelexpert.cm) has been keeping on top of the latest news and passing it on to travelers.

For those new to the Tibet travel scene, travelers can think this travel permit as a kind of Tibet visa. By law a registered travel agency must obtain permits for travel groups. All travelers need to do is provide our agency with a copy of your valid passports, Chinese visa pages, and occupation. You will not have to worry about filling out or sending applications, we takes of the details.

The Tibet tour permit must be presented when boarding trains or checking into flights to Tibet if you are arriving from Mainland China. This makes it necessary for you to stay at least one night in China before coming to Tibet. We will mail the permit to your hotel. One of our native Tibetan guides will meet those arriving from Nepal at the border or airport with the permit in hand; we do not mail permits internationally.

Per tourism regulations groups of any size can now be issued a Tibet travel permit, even individuals! As was the case for part of 2012, travel groups consisting of travelers of different nationalities may not be able to enter Tibet on the same permit. However, it may be possible to obtain permits for each individual. Certain travelers, such as foreign diplomats or journalists, need special permission to enter Tibet. We will provide details before these travelers book their tour.

From the perspective of most travelers, the process for obtaining a Tibet permit is simple and straightforward. All you need to do is provide us with copies of your passport and Chinese visa pages. Those arriving from Mainland China will have your permit waiting for you at your hotel while those arriving from Nepal will meet our native Tibetan guide at the border or airport. We welcome any questions you may have about Tibet travel permits. With the Tibet weather and climate becoming better and better, do not hesitate to plan a Tibet tour with us now.

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