Tibet Travel Permits for USA citizens 

Welcome to travel to Tibet from USA.Local Tibet travel agency guarantees the Tibet travel permits.According to Tibet tourism survey, so far US citizens visiting Tibet account for a huge part of overseas tourists who travel Tibet. To help more and more US citizens explore our Holy Land and have a lifetime experience, our Tibet travel expert team carefully prepares with the most easy-to-follow travel guide about how to travel to Tibet from US. Our philosophy is a simple one – to offer you the best and authentic Tibet travel experience possible with affordable tours prices.

Tibet Travel Permits documents for US Citizens

For travelers from USA, even for all the other foreign tourists, a Tibet Travel Permit (also known as Tibet Visa) is must-needed travel document.

To apply the Tibet Permit: you will need to provide your own documents to Tibet travel agency
a. USA Passport photo copy –Personal type
b. Chinese Visa (Tibet Travel Expert can help provide our distinguished travelers from USA with the visa invitation for applying Chinese Visa if in need)

For the US Citizens who do not have “L” China visa (aka China tour visa), e.g, if you work or study in China, additionally you need to prepare the following documents for application besides the copies of Chinese Visa and passport respectively:
a. Working/Employment Certificate ( US Citizens working in China)
b. Student ID Card or Admission Notice ( US Citizens studying in China)

But if you do not have the document a and b, we can help you provide necessary document to make it work.

Benefiting from the favorable policy, our Tibet travel agency can guarantee all US Citizens a Tibet Permit if you are not journalist or holding public passport. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are planning a trip to Tibet.

Sometimes USA travelers ask us whether our agency can post Tibet travel permit to their cities in USA. Well, we do not send permits from Lhasa to abroad. Since you will enter Tibet from China (or possibly from Nepal), we can send permits to China. Post packages from Lhasa to abroad is too complicated and it takes too long time and it is very risky to get lost on the way, or blocked by China customs.


Here please read further about how to travel to Tibet from USA.

Currently, there are a number of direct international flights to China (main cities are Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Chengdu) from United State, mainly connecting Chicago, Dallas/Forth Worth, Denver, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington. However there is no international flight between USA and Tibet. So for USA travelers, it will be a long trip if you combine Tibet with your other destinations. To help USA travelers travel to Tibet easier, Tibet travel expert service can assure you all China domestic flight ticketing and train ticketing. Welcome to contact with our Tibet travel agency (https://www.tibettravelexpert.com) now.

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