Tibet Travel Review 20120429(soft sleeper train travel)

This is the Tibet Travel Review 20120429 about four Russian travelers.

4 Tourists from Russia travelling in Tibet, April29 to May13, 2012, Group photo of Tibetan tour guide Sonam Duojie, Driver Gesang Nima la and our distinguished clients.

The Tibet Itinerary our distinguished clients from Russia traveled with us: Beijing-Lhasa-Lake Manasarovar-Kailash-Lhasa Beijing (fly up, Qinghai Tibet Railway back to Beijing- 4 soft sleeper in one compartment), read more details for this Tibet trip and to enjoy and share their Amazing Tibet Kailash Travel Photos Album, please click the link. By the way you can also get some first hand Kailash travel experience reviews from our customers from Germany in 2009.(private Tibet tour)

Tibet Travel Review 20120429
Tibet Tour Review-Kailash-travel-pictures

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