Barkhor,in some ways it could be compared to old towns of European cities however with a sacred pilgrimage track added to it.Taking a Tibet travel is an unforgettable experience in one’s life, the Barkhor Bazaar provides me a new lifestyle which makes me impressive.

Yanjing is a small town in Tibet. First, we didn’t think about travelling to this small place as we want to spend our time in some beautiful attractions. But our guide told us that though Yanjing is famous for its salt, it owns the only Catholic Church in Tibet, which is founded in 1865 by a French missionary, Felix Biet.

In the morning, we woke up at around 9am and then we stepped on the car to Shigatse. During the trip, our first destination is Yarmdrok Lake (4,441m). As one of the three holy lakes in Tibet, Yamdroktso locates at the Nangartse County of Shannan Region. It is only 70 Km far from Lhasa, so it did not take a long time for us to reach there.

Lhasa has many attractions for Tibet city tour. After visiting Jokhang Temple, we went to the surrounding Barkhor Street. There were lots of local restaurants and shops showing original Tibetan handicrafts and clothes.

Namtso, one of the three most famous lakes in Tibet, means ‘Heavenly Lake’ in Tibetan language. It has high altitude (4,718m) and stunning scenery, numerous people come here every day just to see its beauty. So was I.

When I was still a sophomore student four years ago, I went to Tibet with my friend. Before travelling, we read a lot of travel experiences and tips online. We found these experiences and tips were very useful during our whole trip in Tibet. Therefore, we would like to share our own authentic experiences with you here and I hope it will be meaningful to you.

Tibetan Autumn Mountain Climbing Activities Come to an End, More Than 50 Foreign Mountaineering Teams are Received throughout the Year   Reporters from the Mountain Management Center of Tibet Autonomous Region was informed that the Autumn Tibet mountain climbing activities have been completed on the Oct. 25th, this year Tibet climbing center received a total of more than 50 teams from the United Kingdom, Russia, Austria, Australia and other 30