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There’s nothing like travel advice from a local! Tibet Travel Expert Service (www.tibettravelexpert.com) has more than 14 years of experience operating Tibet tours. And now we are gonna provide firsthand Tibet travel tips and information.

Travel in Tibet is a great opportunity for many people. You can enjoy its stunning landscapes and learn about its fascinating culture. Tibet’s political environment, together with its varied geography and climate, make it important to be up to date on the latest travel information and practical travel tips. With over 14 years of experience,Tibet Travel Expert Service (www.tibettravelexpert.com) is providing travelers with firsthand travel information and helpful Tibet travel tips. We are here to make Tibet travel easy and worry free. And our Tibet tour website is growing to be the gateway Tibet inbound tourism website. So it will be really helpful for foreign travelers.

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Under this Tibet blog category, you can learn the practical Tibet travel tips on Tibet permits, Tibet group visa, when to come, how to avoid high altitude and how to save money for a Tibet trip.More over, you can find out informative information about the culture. So you will enjoy booking any tour of Tibet with our professional support.

Are you still looking for Tibet tourists attractions in Nyingchi prefecture, Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR)? Nyingchi (the township is called “Bayi”) is about 410 km to the east of Lhasa, capital city of Tibet. And there are so much to explore. Before you go, maybe you will have the questions about travelling to Nyingchi like this: What are the names of the famous attractions? How much is the Nyingchi tourists

Reputable and Reliable Tibetan Owned Travel Agency Websites Lists & Recommendation When you search via google or TripAdvisor, there are hundreds of Tibet travel agencies to choose from for your Tibet tour. And sure thing is that, you have to find a RELIABLE Tibetan owned or co-owned one with VERY reasonable offer to deal. So here please read more details on how to select a reputable and safe Tibetan travel

TBhutan and Tibet share a land border and is only separated by mountains. Many travelers who find themselves in Bhutan also wonder if they can visit the nearby Tibet. The answer is yes. With expert knowledge from our experienced Tibet travel advisor, you will understand the possibilities and restrictions involved in traveling from Bhutan to Tibet, and start planning your Tibetan trip accordingly. How to travel from Bhutan to Tibet?

Cheap flights from Hanoi to Lhasa Tibet, TAR (Tibet Autonomous Region of China) Are you looking for a cheap flight from Hanoi (HAN) or Ho Chi Minh city ((SGN) to Lhasa (LXA), capital city of Tibet? As an experienced travel agency based in Lhasa Tibet, with branch office in Chengdu, we can help you find the best flights deals. For both China domestic airline flights or International flights to Tibet,

Meet Local Tibet Travel Agencies-ITB Berlin in March 2018? Each year in March the international tourism industry looks forward to ITB Berlin, Germany (a great opportunity of tourism agents exhibition in Germany)! Well thanks for the invitation, here all reliable local Tibetan travel agencies staff would be happy to go abroad to meet international travelers and agents directly. But it is seldom known to foreign people that, Tibetan local tourism

Welcome to visit Drigung Thil Monastery, northeast of Lhasa, Capital of Tibet Drigung Thil Monastery is a site of great religious and political importance in Tibet. It is also widely known for its sky burial ceremony. Situated at an altitude of 4465m, it overlooks the Shorong valley, making it an excellent viewpoint for visitors interested in the landscape. This is one of the remote travel destinations in Tibet which is not

The Tibetan experiences you can get in our trip Tibet, the roof of the world, with the average elevation of 4,900 meters, is the dream land of travelers all over the world, in this untouched pure natural place, you can not miss the special Tibetan experience below. 1. When you get to the foot of the mountain Mabori (red hill), where Potala Palace is located, you will see the pilgrims taking koras (religious circling)

It is the dream of many travelers to one day visit Tibet. The rich history and exotic landscape of Tibet has made it a fantastic destination. Once you begin to plan your trip to Tibet, you may be overwhelmed by the sheer number of attractions there are. You could also be lost in all the information coming your way. Therefore, we decide to put forward for you an introduction of

Check out the many Tibet budget tour options we can offer below.   Tibet budget tours are becoming increasingly popular! Culture buffs and nature lovers alike realize that it is possible to have an affordable dream Tibetan trip. Traveling on a budget in Tibet doesn’t mean that you will take packed bus or rush around all the time.   Tibet budget tours by Tibet Ctrip Travel Service-TCTS (www.tibetctrip.com) are a great way to

  Every year, religious pilgrams travel thousands of miles and gather around the scenic area of Mt. Kailash and Lake Manosarovar to pay respect to their god. The legend has it that if the faithful walk around the mountain base, their souls would be purified. Hindus, Tibetan Buddhists, Jain and Bon alike all consider it a sacred place. In the recent years, it has also begun to attract ordinary travelers from around