With the Tibet travel season right around the corner, it’s time to start planning a trip! Tibet is a rapidly changing place, a slow paced way of life is gradually giving way to expanding urban areas. While these changes bring with them a higher standard of living for most Tibetans, inevitably a unique way of life slips into the past. Now is the time to go see Tibet, travelers who

Many travel Tibet to immerse themselves in a place drastically different than the one they come from. As any traveler knows, the norms of day-to-day life vary drastically around the world. Whether it be using public transportation or ordering food at a restaurant, navigating these differences can be challenging! While many of these challenges lead to fun filled adventures, when it comes to accessing or using money no one wants

Easy-breezy Tibet travel guide for First-timers to let you know everything that it is needed to know about how to travel Tibet! One could find many says about Tibet travel on the internet. For first-timers to Tibet it is especially confusing, because some of these information were false and some of them were outdated, difficult for first-timers to know which is which. As a local Lhasa-based travel agency who has

Ever since the Nepal earthquake in 2015, the Zhangmu border port had been closed between Nepal and Tibet, and remains so until this day. The overland option to travel between Nepal and Tibet had thus ceased for over 2 years for foreign travelers. At long last, on 30 Aug 2017, a border port called Gyirong has opened in its place to foreign travelers. For many, Gyirong Port is a place

Is it a good idea to stay overnight near Namtso Lake? It is a question frequently asked by many travellers. As a local Lhasa travel agent, it is hard for us to give you a simple YES or NO answer because we’ve heard very conflicting feedback from our clients — Some say to stay overnight near Namtso Lake is heaven, totally worth it. Others complaint and call it a terrible

How to Use Tibet Travel Permit for Foreign Travelers Well as is known to all that all foreign travelers need accurate Tibet travel permit to explore Tibet legally. This post helps answers where the travelers receive their Tibet permit and how they will use it. Every foreign traveler that is planning an adventure to Tibet will need to work carefully with a local tour agency, as no foreign travelers can

Lhasa Railway Station, located in Niu New Area of Doilungdeqen District, is the largest station in Tibet, as well as the end station of Tibet Railway. Because Lhasa Railway Station is at altitude of 3600 meters it becomes one of highest railway stations in the world. It is about 8 kilometers (5 miles) away from Potala Palace, which will totally take visitors about 25-30 minutes by road. According to local

As a local Tibet travel agency of more than 14 years of experience, one of the most frequent questions we receive from our guests is: why is traveling in Tibet so expensive? There is no simple answer to this question, and we are not even sure if such indictment is true. However, we do understand that Tibet is not the most budget friendly travel destination in the world. There is

Guan Yu Temple-The Mystery of Lord  in Lhasa Little has known that there is a temple for the red-faced Lord Guan Yu in Lhasa (拉萨磨盘山关帝庙), who is a famous Han general from the Three Kingdoms periods (220-280). Temple of Guan Yu is located on top of Mopan Mountain, on west of Lhasa. It was built in the fifty-seventh year of Qianlong Period (1792), by General Fu Kangan, and named it

What is the Tibet Travel Permit Cost As you may already know that all foreign travelers must have Tibet travel permits to enter and travel in Tibet legally, here you may ask how much the Tibet travel permits cost is. Here let local Tibet travel expert service answer you the question. Tibet travel permit price reference Many Tibet travel advertisements on google Ad words say that “Tibet Travel Permit is