Going to Tibet by Train? These Tibet Travel Tips Are What You Need!

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Tibet Travel Tips

If you want to visit Tibet by train, you can choose to fly to Chengdu first, and then take a train from Chengdu to Lhasa. In the following paragraph, we will tell you what you need to buy in order to guarantee a comfortable train trip.

Here is the Train schedule from Chengdu to Tibet.

Train No.: Z322 Time: 43 hours 07 minutes
Departure time: 14:48 Arrive time: 09:55
Price: 328 (hard seat) 668 (tourist coach) 1060 (soft sleeper)

Currency: RMB

We highly recommend you to purchase these stuffs with you during your train trip.

  1. Tissue paper. You should at least bring a small bag of tissue paper with you on the train.
  2. Wet tissue paper. To wash your face and hands on the train.
  3. Basic washing tools. Like toothbrush and toothpaste.
  4. Cup. You need it to drink water and other liquid.
  5. Lipstick. As the air is very dry in Tibet, it is better to bring a lipstick to protect your lip.
  6. Fast noodles. In case you do not like the meal on the train.
  7. Fruits. Provide you vitamin and energy.
  8. Coffee and tea. If you are fond of coffee or tea, do not forget to buy some in Chengdu.
  9. Nuts. Provide you energy.
  10. Yogurt. It is better to bring one or two small bottles of yogurt with you on the train.
  11. Cookies. You can eat cookies for your breakfast.
  12. Water. There is only hot water on the train. The cold water from the tap is not drinkable. If you want to drink cold water, you can bring a big bottle with you.

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