Reasons for travel to Tibet in winter

When planning a tour, travelers always want to choose a best traveling time. But when is the best time for Tibet tour? You may get different answers from different tourists according to their preference. Generally speaking, most travelers think the best time for Tibet Tour is from May to October. Meanwhile, winter is also the good time for Tibet Travel.

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 The Reasons for Tibet Travel in Winter

  • Comfortable sunbathing-Known as the city of sunlight, Lhasa is very warm in the day. Travelers can enjoy the warm sunshine at the top of Potala Palace and Jokhang Monastery.
  • Easy-ticket booking-Numerous travelers chose May to October as their travel time, but the ticket to Tibet, especially the train ticket is hard to get.
  • Cheaper accommodation fee-because of the low demand for hotels, the accommodation fee are much lower than it used to be. Sometimes, it is half its former price.
  • More profound pilgrimage experience -Most pilgrims make pilgrimage in winter. That is to say, you can learn the Tibetan culture and belief at this time intensively.
  • No advanced Potala Palace ticket-booking -In the high Tibet travel season, if travelers want to visit Potala palace, they have to book the ticket one day in advance. Besides, travelers can view the beauty of
  • More beautiful scenery of Snow Mountain-Especially for the travelers who want a Mt. Everest trip, winter is a good travel time for you. Because of the lower temperature in winter, snow will accumulate on the top of the mountain. Therefore, the Mt. Everest will looks loftier than usually.



If you want a Tibet tour in winter, you can prepare now! However, the best travel time to Tibet is decided by your interests. Therefore, Local Tibet Travel Agency can also provide you Tibet Tour in different seasons. If you want more Tibet Travel information, please follow our Tibet Travel Blog.

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