Ganden to Samye Monastery Trekking 2021/2022
Trekking Tibet-Ganden to Samye Monastery

Tibet Trekking from Ganden Monastery to Samye Monastery

The Ganden to Samye Monastery Trek 2020/2021 combines Tibet’s astounding landscapes with opportunities to learn about Tibetan history and culture. To help travelers enjoy a more in-depth exploration to Tibet and its history, Tibet Travel Expert service has upgraded its Ganden to Samye Monastery trek 2020/2021 to include a visit to Yarlung Valley, the cradle of Tibetan Civilization. Travelers will begin at Ganden Monastery. Then you will enjoy four days of trekking through forested and rocky landscapes. At the end, you arrive at Samye Monastery before heading to Yarlung Valley. Over 12 days, travelers will enjoy up-close encounters with Tibet’s fantastic scenery and take time to learn about Tibetan culture.

Ganden Monastery  

Founded in the early 1400’s, Ganden Monastery was a center of political and administrative power for the surrounding area. Out of the three famous university monasteries in Tibet (the others being Drepung and Sera), Ganden is furthest from Lhasa and was home to a smaller number of monks. Samye Monastery was constructed much earlier and is believed to be among the first Buddhist Monasteries in Tibet.

Standard Itinerary of Ganden to Samye Monastery Trekking

Tibet Trekking Adventure from Ganden to Samye Monastery with our Tibetan guideTrekking Itinerary Outline:
Day 01: Arrival at Lhasa, rest for acclimatization
Day 02: Optional Sightseeing in Lhasa or free time:(Potala Palace,Jokhang Temple, Barkhor)
Day 03: Optional Sightseeing in Lhasa or free time (Norbulinka or Drepung & Sera Monastery)
Day 04: Free day in Lhasa, get full acclimatization
Day 05: Drive to Ganden,70 kms, light trekking
Day 06: Trek to Yama Do,5-6 hrs,17 km (450m descent,300m ascent)
Day 07: Trek to Tsotup Chu Valley,5-7 hrs,10km
Day 08: Trek to Herder’s Camp, 5 hrs,14km
Day 09: Descent Trek Nyango (4-5 hrs), tractor or by tour car to Samye Monastery (total trekking covers about 18 km today, route:Herder Camp-Gen Do-Yamalung Hermitage-Nyango-Wango-Pisha-Dragmar-Sangbu-Samye), visit Samye monastery, and then drive to Tsetang (Tibet culture cradle), stay in hotel
Day 10: Explore Yarlung Valley: Yumbulagang, Tibetan kings Tombs, Tramdruk-back to Lhasa
Day 11: Drive to Gonggar airport and Departure

Samye Monastery-Ancient Monastery in Tibet
Samye Monastery-Ancient Monastery in Tibet

This Tibet tour begins in Lhasa where travelers will have time for acclimatization and an introduction to Tibetan culture at places like Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, and Barkhor Bazaar. The Tibet trekking portion of the tour begins at Ganden Monastery. And ascends two mountain passes, the highest of which being around 5200 meters, before arriving at Samye Monastery. Once travelers crosses the first pass, they will climb down through fields of boulders into valleys with streams and wide-open expanses! After the second pass, trekkers will enjoy a walk through a forested area before arriving at Samye Monastery!

Upgrade of Ganden to Samye Monastery Trek 2019

Yumbulagang Palace-Tibet Highlight Attraction in Tsetang
Yumbulagang Palace-Tibet Highlight Attraction in Tsetang

After the trek, travelers enjoy more opportunities to learn about Tibetan culture as they visit Samye Monastery. From here we drive along the Brahmaputra River before heading to Yarlung Valley. Legend has it that the Tibetan people originated from here as descendants of monkeys. They established the first farm in Tibet then its first palace, Yumbulagang Palace. Yumbulagang Palace, still standing today, towers over the valley from the top of a hill. For travelers too tired to make it up, they can ride a horse for a small fee. The original construction of Yumbulagang is believed to be over two thousand years old!

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  • Ganden to Samye Monastery trekking (4 days trek 80 km);
  • Tsurphu to Yangpachen trek (4 days 60 km);
  • Khata Valley Trek (Khangsung Face-East Face of Everest-Lost Paradise);
  • Shalu-Nartang trek (2-3 days, 45km);
  • Friendship Hwy-Everest Base Camp trek;
  • Everest Base Camp-Tingri or vice versa (review,70 km3-4 days);
  • Kailash Pilgrimage (Kora)-Trekking (52km, 3 days);
  • Lake Manasarovar Kora (7 itineraries);
  • Nyenchen Thangla Traverse (Nakya to Tashi Do Island (Namtso Lake);
  • Tibet Everest Advance Base Camp (6400 m) Trekking Tibet Side (not available in 2018 and 2019 due to policy)

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