Lost in Paradise-My Tibet Trip, Jokhang Temple
Tibet Trip-Jokhang Temple

Tibet Trip-Jokhang Temple

Getting up early in Tibet, you will see such a clear blue sky that you seldom see it in your daily city life as well as the fresh air here.Yep, my Tibet trip-Jokhang Temple Lhasa Highlight City Tour starts from Jokhang Temple. Walking out of the Hotel ,then you can take the 9,10,11 loop line bus or 12,15,17,18,19 bus. And get off at the Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital, also you can take 23,25,28,29 bus. Then get off at the Cuomeilin station, or walking through the Barkhor Street. At your convenience. The opening time is from 9:00am-6:00pm. So, I just walking around the Temple and fell the sacred glow over here. When I get into the Temple, I feel I’m surrounded by the glow of Buddhism. And the smell of incense is everywhere.

Jokhang temple is such a stunning piece of Tibetan architecture and unlike the Potala Palace, you can admire and photograph its gilded roof, buildings and bells right from outside. There is a long queue of devotees in front of the temple and the divine Buddha statues of all sizes. You must climb to the top roof to get some amazing pictures of the stunning views of Potala Palace in the far distance and the whole Jokhang Temple. And the people here are very friendly, kind and warm-heart. The weather doesnt affect the views of Jokhang so much, certainly you can catch the beauty of Jokhang with your camera.Jokhang Temple is definitely a highlight attraction in Lhasa city. And you can have a fresh feeling of this fabulous temple with local pilgrims.

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