Highlighted Tibet Tsetang Attractions and Entrance Tickets
Tibet Shannan Highlight Attraction Lake Yamdrok

Are you still looking for Tibet tourists attractions in Shannan (Tsetang/Lhokha), the cultural cradle of Tibet)?  What are the names of these travel attractions? How much for each tour attraction will you need to pay? Are there some free entrance tickets in this region of Tibet? Here local Tibet travel Expert Service team introduces all the 26 tourists attractions. In the table below, you can find all the names of the attractions in Tsetang and the tickets entrance fee reference.

Tibet Tsetang Attractions and Entrance Tickets

Tibet Shannan Prefecture/Lhokha Attraction lits and entrance tickets Price1Gangpo RiFree
2Chim-puk Hermitage  青朴寺30 RMB
3Chimpuk Meditation CenterFree
4Dolma Lhakang40 RMB
5Dorje Drak Monastery40 RMB
6Dratang Monastery20 RMB
7Dratang Monastery 扎塘寺Free
8Gonggar Chode Monastery 贡嘎曲德寺20 RMB
9Karola Glacier 卡若拉冰川50 RMB
10Lhagya Ri Palace20 RMB
11Lhamo La-tso 拉姆拉错free-not allowed for foreign travelers
12Mindroling Monastery 敏珠林寺20 RMB
14Namseling Manor 朗色林庄园8 RMB
16Samye Monastery 桑耶寺45 RMB
17Sandin Temple 桑丁寺30 RMB
18Tomb of the Tibetan Kings 藏王墓35 RMB
19Traduk Monastery 昌珠寺70 RMB
21Woka Hot Spring 沃卡温泉
22Yamalung Hermitage 聂玛隆圣洞20 RMB
23Yamdrok Lake 羊卓雍错湖40 RMB
24Yarlung Tsangpo ValleyFree
25YarluZangbu RiverFree
26Yumbulagang Palace 雍布拉康寺80 RMB

Well the latest Tibet tourism promotional travel policy says that the entrance tickets for most of Tibet are free before end of April in 2018. And this great Tibet tour policy will probably apply for every year in the same period. And wish foreign travelers can choose the month from January to April to travel in Tibet. If you are interested in a Tibet tour, please feel free to contact our local Tibet tour agency.

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