Top 7 Tibet Trek Tips-Tsurphu Monastery-Yampachen Trek
Tsurphu Monastery-Yampachen Trekking

Tsurphu Monastery-Yampachen trekking is one of the most highlight trekking routes in Tibet. It starts from Lhasa and then drive to Tsurphu Monastery where travelers begin their trekking trip. The whole trekking takes about normally 5 days covering about 55 km. This Tibet trekking completely combines wild activities and cultural tours. Worth to mention, Tsurphu Monastery – Yampachen trekking is available in middle April to middle October. Meanwhile, the late June is the best season to do the trekking, due to its flourishing grassland and wildflowers along the way.

Tips you need to know before Tsurphu Monastery-Yampachen trekking.

  1. You need prepare your necessary trekking equipment such as sleeping bags, caravan shoes, bags, sunglasses, hats, warm clothes, water and medicines in case of emergency.
  2. If you are not familiar with the trekking routes, you’d better hire a local Tibetan guide. And in this way, you won’t get lost in some remote areas.
  3. You’d better bring enough food to support your trekking days, if you don’t have a cook go with you. But, If possible, you can hire a cook, then you may not worry about your meals.
  4. Do not bring too much luggage, because you need an easy walking.
  5. During the trekking, you should drink lots of water to keep body healthy.
  6. Start your trek early, then you can have more time to rest in the way.
  7. On the last day’s trekking, is it possible that the local military authority does not allow travelers to trek across from Dorje Ling Nunnery to Yampachen. Still, you can drive to Yampachen Hot Spring or directly drive back to Lhasa city.
Tsurphu Monastery-Yampachen Trekking
Tibet Tsurphu Monastery-Yampachen Trekking

Tsurphu-Yampachen Trekking route is one of the hottest route in Tibet. So, if you want to do this trek, you need to prepare in advance. Hope you will have a wonderful Tibet trekking experience.

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