Why Travel Tibet in Winter-Well Explained
Tibet Winter Tour

Tibet Winter Tour

Yesterday was the beginning of winter in Chinese lunar calendar. Tibet tourism has also entered the off-season. Every year from October to next April is the dry season of Tibet while May to September is the rainy season. Generally rainy season is the high peak of tourism, because many people think that plateau is supposed to be high and cold, winter is not a tour season for Tibet. However, in fact, Tibet winter tour has another beauty and worth to visit.  

Tibet Winter Tour-Namtso Lake
Tibet Winter Tour-Namtso Lake

Firstly, the winter of Tibet has less noise and crowd but more original sound and taste. With warm sunshine, local devotees, chanting sound and simmer mulberry aroma, everything was pure up. Walking along the street in Lhasa, you will feel quiet and peaceful. In addition, Tibet winter has various Tibetan traditional festivals such as Lantern Festival, Tibetan New year and so on, it will be a good opportunity to experience the Tibetan local life.

Secondly, the climate of Tibet winter is not that cold. Tibet locates in low latitudes, warm sunshine throughout November to next March. Compared with the summer, winter is more gentle and charming with its pure air, high visibility and warm sunshine.  

Thirdly, food and accommodation are convenient. During high season, you may miss your favorite hotel and get overcrowded in restaurants. But, winter won’t let you down. With fewer travelers, it’s easy to find a good Tibet hotel and nice Tibetan restaurant.

Finally, low cost in winter Tibet tour, simple and crude to say that is to save money. Tickets, hotels and restaurants are at low price during the off-season. Spend the least money but get the best experience.    

 With bright blue skies, few tourists, lots of pilgrims and discounted prices, I am sure you will have a great time in Tibet.

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