Tibet Work Permit Change Will Benefit Foreigners
Tibet Work Permit News

News of Tibet Work Permit Change

Good News for foreigners who want to work in Tibet. From April 1, 2017, the application will be easier for foreigners to apply for Tibet Work Permit than before. According to Zhao Yunhua, head of Tibet Foreign Expert Affairs Bureau, the bureau will simplify the procedures of work permits application with reducing the amount of paperwork. She also mentioned that in the past the complicated procedure was a main barrier to prevent foreigners working in Tibet. For example, they needed to complete paperwork for several government agencies including human resources, foreign affairs and public security. Therefore, the process could take months. In order to improve the situation, now the application process will go through only one agency, Foreign Expert Affairs Bureau. Thus, if foreigners not only want to travel to Tibet but also work in Tibet, it is easy to operate the process.

Tibet Work Permit News
Foreigners in Tibet, Tibet Work Permit

More Info About Tibet Work Permit

Foreigners will receive a card with their identification number after the permit is issued. The card will include the name and photo of the worker, the valid period of the permit and the name of their employer.

One possible beneficiary of the new work permit change could be Lhasa Jintu Men’s Basketball Club. The club has the plan to introduce excellent foreign players. One of the staff mentioned they had the plan two years before, but because of the complicated process, it was not successful at that time. However, he is optimistic about the new work permit policy and hope this time is can be successful.

Zhao said that there will be more demand for foreign talents in Tibet. And she wanted to encourage more foreigners to come. At present, there are around 200 foreign people working in Tibet. Eight of them are working in the scientific field and 183 of them are working in the service industry.


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