Tibet Zhongba Earthquake on Feb.1, 2017
Tibet Zhongba Earthquake, Zhongba scenery

Tibet Zhongba Earthquake-Tibet Travel News

According to Xinhua News Agency, at 18:00 on Feb.1, there occured an earthquake in Zhongba County of Tibet. Zhongba County belongs to Shigatse City and situates in the west of the city. The degree of the Tibet Zhongba Earthquake is 5 degree. And the depth of focus is about 8 km. The precise location of the earthquake is 30.67 degrees north latitude and 83.34 degrees east longitude. When the earthquake occurred, 13 towns and villages in the county had no strong tremor feeling. Till now, there have no people hurt or dead. In addition, people live in a normal life without interruption and there is no property destroyed. Thus, for any travelers for a Tibet tour near the place, it is pretty safe without worries.


About Zhongba County

Zhongba County lies in the north of the Mt. Everest and close to Nepal in the south. The county manages 1 town and 12 villages. For economy, its main source is animal husbandry. Therefore, people live very loosely in the vast land. The main animals to breed are sheep, goats, yaks and horses. In Tibetan Language, “Zhongba” means “place of yaks”. In 2003, there were 20 thousand people living in the county with the area of 43,594 square kilometers. As to transportation, G219 National Highway passes through the county which links Shigatse and Kashgar in Xinjiang. Thus, the transportation is very convenient. What’s more, the road from Lhasa to Purang passes throughout the county. So, if you have a Kailash tour for Mt. Kailash kora and Lake Manasarovar, you cannot miss the road.

Tibet Zhongba Earthquake, Zhongba scenery
Zhongba County Natural Scenery

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