Tibetan New Year 2017 which also called Losar Festival will fall on Feb. 27th, 2017. It is the most important festival in Tibet just like the Chinese Spring Festival. Tibetan people will celebrate this traditional festival for 15 days.

On the 23th of December, Tibet had a spectacular celebration for Tsongkhapa Butter Lamp Festival. Numerous people gathered to Jokhang Temple in Lhasa to witness the exciting moment.

Palden Lhamo Festival is a traditional Tibetan festival on the 15th day of 10th Tibetan lunar month. On this day, numerous ladies and girls will gather at Barkhor Street with their most beautiful clothes.

2017 Sho Dun Festival, usually known for people as the Yogurt Festival or Buddha Unveiling Festival. It is an annual festival of Tibet usually held in August. In Tibetan calendar, it is the 15th to 24th of the fifth month. It generally celebrates in Lhasa city, especially in Norbulingka Palace and Drepung Monastery. What’s more, Sho Dun Festival is one of the most popular and important festival in Tibet. Where to

Saga Dawa Tour for year 2017 is in the June. So we will begin the tour at Lhasa and head to Mt. Kailash to see the Saga Dawa ceremony on the 9th of June.

Tibet New Year is the most important festival for Tibetans. It is also known as Losar in Tibetan word. “Lo” means “year” and “sar” means “new and fresh”. So “Losar” means “new year”. Normally, the festival is celebrated for 15 days and the first three days have main celebrations.

Tibetan Autumn Mountain Climbing Activities Come to an End, More Than 50 Foreign Mountaineering Teams are Received throughout the Year   Reporters from the Mountain Management Center of Tibet Autonomous Region was informed that the Autumn Tibet mountain climbing activities have been completed on the Oct. 25th, this year Tibet climbing center received a total of more than 50 teams from the United Kingdom, Russia, Austria, Australia and other 30