Sakya Monastery locates about 127km from west Shigatse on the way to Tingri. So, if you travel to Tibet for Everest Base Camp tour, you can visit it along the way. It is the ancestry monastery of Sakyapa, the white sect of Tibetan Buddhism.

In 2017, the bureau will continue improving “fifteen minutes’ Lhasa civil health care service circle” and make plans of hierarchical medical system. That means when people have an illness, they can go to the basic level hospital first.

Tibet week weather updated, Tibet will occur precipitation of different degrees this week. Citizens should get on warm clothes to against the cold weather. Furthermore, drivers should driver carefully and pay attention to the exact road condition.

Tibetan New Year 2017 which also called Losar Festival will fall on Feb. 27th, 2017. It is the most important festival in Tibet just like the Chinese Spring Festival. Tibetan people will celebrate this traditional festival for 15 days.

Most people may be curious of what Tibetan daily life looks like. To be honest, it may not be as the same as you imagine in your head. What’s more, some books or media may rework it to satisfy westerners’ taste.

Seda Monastery, or Larung Wuming Buddhist Institute locates in Seda County of Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan Province, China. Seda or Sertar means “golden horse” in Tibetan language because people once found horse head shaped gold in the pasture nearby.

In Tibet, you can find various types of hotels and guesthouses. Especially in Lhasa, accommodation differs from 5 star standard hotels to budget youth hostels.

For a Tibet tour, you need consider the way of entering Tibet at first. Therefore, most foreign travelers worry about how to come to Tibet. Here Tibet Travel Expert offers Tibet transportation travel tips for you.