Tibetan Butter Tea
Tibetan butter tea

Introduction of Tibetan Butter Tea

Tibetan Butter tea is a featured drink prevailing in Tibet. People usually drink it while eating Tsampa (roasted barley flour). It has many functions, such as warming up the body, avoiding mountain sickness and preventing dryness. If you go to Tibet, I will definitely recommend you to taste it and you can realize the important role of it for local people’s daily lives.

The way of making Tibetan Butter Tea

The way of making butter tea is not hard but very characteristic. The ingredient includes butter made from yak milk, tea leaves or brick tea and salt. To make it, first, herdsman abstract butter from yak or goat milk. Then, they boil hot water and put brick tea or tea leaves into it until the water becomes black. After that, they put a little salt and 2 gram butter (two thirds of the spoon) into the tea water. With the melting of butter, butter tea is ready. 

Amazing Functions of Tibetan Butter Tea

If you are hungry, the butter tea can make you full; if you are cold, the butter tea can warm you up; if you are not digesting well, the butter tea can help your digestion; if you are tired, the butter tea can refresh your mind. So why not try it during your Tibet trip? Maybe at first you will feel unaccustomed to its taste, but after more drinks, I am sure you will love it!


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