Tibetan Clothing

Tibetan Clothing is very characteristic under their traditions and designed for the special plateau climate. It typically includes a long sleeves and wide waist robe outside and a shirt inside. Married women will wear a colorful striped woolen called pangden. Tibet clothing has some differences according to different areas. In Lhasa, people emphasize on the match of clothing in terms material and color. They tend to choose silk and brocade materials due to good drape effect. Kham people like to dress up with jewels such as agate, amber, nine-eye stone, pine otolith, pearl, gold and silver. In Ngari Prefecture, their clothing still remains the characteristics of Tubo Kingdom’s clothing due to remoteness and relatively inconvenient transportation. Lambskin robe is very prevalent in this area due to the cold weather. Women’s clothes are designed like peacock. In Nagqu, women often plait the hair and embellish their braids with corals, turquoise, shell, and other ornaments. In order to work in convenience in pastures, women also wear milk hook, milk spoon, small knife and needle box around their waists. Milk hook is also craved with exquisite patterns and embedded with agate and turquoise. In the southern part, like Nyingchi area, the weather is damper and warmer than the northern part, besides wearing typical robes, people wear a wide shoulder length sleeveless jacket in order to work conveniently under the natural condition.


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