Tibetan Dancing &Music

Traditional Tibetan Dancing & Music

Every Tibet man and woman loves to dance and sing. Dancing and singing are inseparable parts of their daily life. For typical events, such as festivals, weddings and family gatherings, people always dance together to express their impassioned feelings. Thus, Tibet is also known as “Ocean of dance and song”. No matter women or men, the elderly or the kids, everyone shows great enthusiasm in dancing. So, there are many types of dancing. Circle dancing is very popular in Qamdo and Yarlung Tsangpo River areas, such as Lhasa, Shigatse and Shannan.

Tibetan Dancing & Music

Therefore, people in Qamdo call this kind of dancing as Guoxie. And people in Yarlung Tsangpo River areas call it as Guozhuang. As a group dance, people are dancing hand in hand, shoulder by shoulder while singing songs of strong rhythms around the bonfire in the center. Meanwhile, it usually lasts for a long time, from sunset to deep night and from midnight to the next sunrise. People dance in order to eliminate work fatigue and express their ardent feelings toward their homeland and the great nature. Young men and women also express love feelings to their lovers through dancing. Drum dance, also called “Zhuo” in Tibetan, is a bold and vigorous dance with superb personal skills in Shannan Prefecture. Dancers are dressed up in colorful clothes and beat the drums which are tied around the waist with drumsticks. Besides, the voice of the drum is powerful with regular rhythms.

Tibetan Dancing & Music

What’s more, in Nyingchi, there is a ring and drum dance called “Reba” in Tibetan. While performing, men are holding bronze rings and women are carrying drums. They dance in circles and the movements of the dance are really strong. When it comes to the climax, men make movements like eagle flying. Moreover,this kind of dance is performed by family members to make a living on the street. There is another kind of drum dance for religious rituals. It is a modification of Bon religion and dancers wear masks while performing. With voice made by drums, performers make chanting monologue to thanks for the holy and expel the evil.

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Practical Travel Tips

There is much to learn before visiting it.

1.Discuss with your Tibet Trip Adviser and see if you want to join a local dancing and music program or not.
2.There are many good Tibetan night clubs in Lhasa and your guide may take you there if you want.
3.There is famous Wencheng Prince Cultural Show Program.