Authentic Tibetan Travel Experience

The Authentic Tibetan experiences you can get in our trip

Tibet, the roof of the world, with the average elevation of 4,900 meters, is the dream land of travelers all over the world, in this untouched pure natural place, you can not miss the special Tibetan experience below.

1. When you get to the foot of the mountain Mabori (red hill), where Potala Palace is located, you will see the pilgrims taking koras (religious circling) around Potala Palace. Then hike to the top of the palace and bird view whole Lhasa city. Meanwhile tourists can visit the treasures of Tibet and the holiest tomb of the H.H the Dalai Lama reincarnation.

2. See pilgrims making prostrating in front of Jokhang Temple.

When you get there in front of Jokhang Temple, which was build in the early 7th century, you will see lots of the pilgrims prostrating and stretching the full body back and forth on the ground to get the bless from the Buddha here, from which you can will feel the strong power of the temple and also will see the construction of Tibet. Then inside the Jokhang Temple you can visit the holiest or the oldest statues of the lord of Buddha which was brought to Tibet from Chinese mainland.

Follow the local Tibetans and will see how they are practicing the religion, praying beads as well as praying wheels, chanting, burning the natural incense in the burner, prostrating all the way of the Barkhor Street with their family. Besides, you will see the customs of Tibetans from different places and the traditional Tibetan architecture.

3. Walk around Barkhor Street with pilgrims, explore the old market.

You will explore the oldest market of Tibet around Barkhor Street, lots of vendors around the Barkhor Street selling Tibetan traditional dress, well-curved colorful furniture, jewels, bronze Buddhist statues and lots of stuff of Tibetan Buddhism, you may have chance to see the traditional jewelry trading between people from different part of Tibet.

4. Taste the Sweat Tea in the traditional Tibetan Tea Houses

You will go to taste the local teas in the local tea houses which sell the smooth and sweet teas like cha-yi in India. So get in there and taste the teas with local people, you can feel the strong atmosphere of Tibetan community and get to know how Tibetan people spend the leisure time.

5. See the On-the-spot Monk Debate in the Debating Courtyard of Sera Monstery

It is a good chance to get into the real life of the monk and see how monks are practicing the Buddhism by watching monk debate in a courtyard in Sera Monastery, groups of monks debate with their classmate in their special way using dramatic body language together with mental language to make them become smarter in study.

6. Watch the Real Wheel of Buddhist (Mandala) Made of Sand Inside Sera Monastery, you will see how the monks, with skillful in practicing Buddhist art.

The amazing and holy Mandalas made of colorful sand shows the spiritual paradise of Buddhism. During your visit in Tibet, if you are lucky, you may see the process of making Mandalas in some monasteries.

7. Visit Tibetan Religious Text Painting in Sera Monastery The sera monastery painting house is the library of Buddhist text. Rich in its variety such as printing wood block and sculptures. In this place you can get to know, how the religious texts are made. Sometimes monastery is making the religious text on site, you can see the process of printing press.

8. Driving along the Kychi River to see the beautiful landscape.

Driving northward along from Lhasa river to Ganden, travellers can enjoy the fantastic Lhasa river bathed in cozy sunlight. Winter is also a great time to do bird watching, all sorts of wild birds like black-necked cranes and wild ducks, etc.

9.Follow the winding road to Ganden Monastery on the top of the mountain

Ganden Monastery has an altitude of 3800m. Hence we need to drive up along the beautiful winding road. Then reach to the top of the mountain where Ganden monastery was built.

10.Visit the first Gelupa monastery – Ganden on the top of mountain

The monastery has over 600-year history, which is also the first Gelupa monastery. The complex is huge including dozens of chapels, while the main chapels have fresh red walls with golden roof shining under the sun. The monastery, built by religious saint Tsongkhapa, does have many Monks and pilgrims.

11. Hike around the Ganden Kora to have a bird view of Kyichu Valley (Optional, Depends on weather and tourists’ physical condition)

After visiting the monastery, we get ready to hike a bit around it, on the hiking path. You can see lots of carved Buddhist scriptures on the rock. While pilgrims circling the monastery. In some lookouts, you can see the whole Kyichi valley below you, and the miles of mountainous range.

12. Visit Tibetan famer’s village

After visiting Ganden Monastery, on the way back to Lhasa, you will have a stop at a Tibetan famer’s village, you can immerse yourself into the local culture.

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