Is vegetarian food available all over Tibet? Will it be a problem for a veggie to travel Tibet? What should I do if I am a vegan and want to travel Tibet? These are the questions often asked by vegetarian travelers from around the world planning a tour to Tibet. It is not as difficult as most people assumed to find proper vegetarian food in Tibet. There are plenty of

These years, Lhasa is getting more and more popular for its mystery and religious culture. Many international travellers come to explore this far-away plateau. And it’s not difficult to find delicious food to eat during your trip. In Lhasa, you can enjoy typical Tibetan food like Thukpa, Tingmo, also you can choose western, Indian, Nepali cuisine, even Sichuan food. Here Tibet Travel Expert provides Top 10 Lhasa Restaurants based on

Lhasa KFC-On May 8th 2016, Tibet’s first chain KFC finally opened in Lhasa city. It was not only the first KFC in Tibet Autonomous Region, but also the first international chain restaurant in this ‘Roof of the World’. Moreover, in the first day of opening-up, many people came to eat fast food here including local Tibetans and travelers. Furthermore, the decoration style of this chain KFC was Tibetan-style with pictures

Lhasa nightlife is very colorful full of stories. And you can always find the way you like to spend the beautiful night in Lhasa. In another word, Lhasa nightlife is an indispensable part of your Tibet tours.

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After arrival at Lhasa, Tibet, relax and acclimate at hotel, all you want to do is to find a delicious local restaurant to taste the Tibetan food. Here, we are going to introduce the top 5 restaurants in Lhasa city for you. We hope you will like these restaurants during your trip.

If you once traveled to Nyingchi, Tibet, you may never forget the delicious taste of the stone pot cooked chicken. This chicken soup is full of nutrients that all the main materials and ingredients are from local.

The selection under the ‘comprehensive coverage, obvious characteristics’ principle has picked out a total of more than 200 kinds of top rated tourism snacks. Among them, the ‘Shigatse Pengbi’ and the ‘Tibetan intimate trekking cookies’ were on the list.