If you ask me about local sweet tea house in Tibet, I will definitely recommend Guangming Sweet Tea House for you in Lhasa. Located in Zang Yiyuan Road in Lhasa, Guangming Sweet Tea House has a long history for more than one hundred years.

Black Tea is a unique beverage in Tibet which is compressed onto a brick shape. To use the black tea brick, Tibetans break it up in a mortar and then boil it with other special ingredients. Black Tea was spread in the Tibetan area since the Tang Dynasty, and it was accepted and loved by Tibetan people.

December 29 is the New Year’s Eve on Tibetan Calendar traditionally. On that day, all the Tibetan people will eat a traditional food, Thukpa Bhathuk. It is a hand-rolled noodle with broth.

Butter tea is a featured drink in Tibet. It is always drunk with Tsampa (roasted barley flour). There are many functions of butter tea, such as warming up the body, avoiding mountain sickness and preventing body’s dryness.

Lhasa Kitchen Lhasa Kitchen address: NO.3 Minchi Chang Easet Road, Lhasa, Tibet  The famous Lhasa Kitchen, also named as Lasa ChuFang, is hot for its prominent location that is just located opposite the Jokhang Temple, at the center of Bahkor Street. If you choose to dine here, please be prepared that this place is full of tourists. But, anyway, it is still a nice option if you are just in that

Tashi, a local Tibetan restaurant, has opened in Lhasa, Tibet for more than 20 years. If you search it on tripadvisor, you will find many tourists gave it a high ranking score for its tasty food and friendly host.

There is no more pleasure than having a cup of home-taste coffee in the cold morning in Lhasa. Today, I am going to introduce a brilliant coffee shop in Lhasa, Tibet – The Summit Café, also called Ding Feng Café.

Traditional Tibetan food is basically depend on meat (yak meat) and dairy products (cheese and yak milk), and very few vegetables are available as for its high altitude. These food contains high calorie which can help Tibetan people resist cold especially in the high mountain area.

Sha Momo, also called meat dumplings, is the most popular food in Tibet. Generally, Sha momo is made from yak meat. However, outside Tibet, people also use beef, chicken or vegetables as the filling of Momo. Here, we are going to introduce this beloved delicious food in Tibet.

Since recommended by Lonely Planet, Tibetan Family Kitchen now is the top 1 restaurant in Lhasa on Trip advisor. Small and busy, this family kitchen provides authentic local Tibetan food and cooking classes as well.