Very Cool Experience Visiting Tibetan Jokhang Temple
Picture of Jokhang Temple

Jokhang Temple is famous in Tibet tourism. Every traveler to Tibet should plan to visit Jokhang Temple. As a proverb saying, “Jokhang Temple comes before the city of Lhasa”, so it is the most important place for Buddhists to worship. You can see numerous worshippers kneeling on the ground to show their devoutness to the Buddha. The temple serves to commemorate Princess Wencheng and her contribution to Lhasa and Tibet. Not only did she promote Buddhism in Tibet but also teach local people how to treat smallpox at that time.

We arrived there early but there were already many people. All of us felt the scared atmosphere. In the middle of the hall, we had the chance to see the famous statue of Shakyamuni of age 12, which was brought by the Princess Wencheng. It gave me a sense of spiritual significance and aroused my interest in Buddhism. Out Tibet local tour guide told a lot of stories about Buddhism and I learned much knowledge via his narration. After seeing the statue, we went upstairs and there were so many rooms. The intricate roof works impressed me a lot. On the platform, I could see Potala Palace, Barkhor Street and prostration people. I have never seen such a view before so I highly recommend the roof view.

To sum up, the Jokhang Temple visit is a very cool experience to me. If you want to feel the genuine Buddhism spirit and atmosphere, you should never miss it.

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