Useful Tibetan Language for Traveling in Tibet

Tibetan Language

Are you planning to travel to Tibet? Do you worry that the local people can’t understand you? Do not worry. Actually, some of the waiter and waitress in Tibet can speak fluent English. Also, there are English guide at each attraction. So, the language won’t be a barrier for you. However, it will be brilliant if you can learn some simple Tibetan language to say hello, say thank you and goodbye. Let’s learn it together.

Tashi delek         Hello

Kale shoo            Goodbye

Gon da                 Sorry

Thuk jaychey       Thank you

Ja yong                See you

Sho kay               Morning

Nyeen goon        Afternoon


Khyorang depo yin pe?        How are you?

Nga depo yin, la yin?            I’m fine.


Gormo Khatseur rey?          How much?

Khong chenbo du.                It’s expensive.


La gapo du                                 I like it.

La gapo mindu                     I don’t like it.


You can screenshot these Tibetan language down, and then ask the hotel stuff teach you how to pronounce it after your arrival in Tibet.


For more Tibetan travelling sentences or Tibet travel information, you can always contact our local Tibet travel agency.

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