Mutuo Village
Tibetan mutuo village

Introduction of Mutuo village

Mutuo village means “Secret Lotus” in Tibetan. It also has a Chinese name as Baimagang. It is one of the most mysterious places in Tibet belonging to Nyingchi Prefecture. Many people have known this place because of the book Lotus. A famous Chinese writer Annebaby wrote it. There are vast land of forest, high mountains and lakes in Mutuo. So people call it “Tibetan Xishuang banna”

Ethnic minorities living in Mutuo village

There are two minorities living in Mutuo, Manba and Lopa. Manba has a very long history with a population of more than 50,000 people. Since they have been living with Tibetans for a long time, their clothes and customs are very similar with Tibetan people. The calendar they use is the same of Tibetan calendar, too. So do the festivals. During Manba’s festivals, people kill yaks and goats to prepare a good meal to treat guests. Zamba is also a major food for Manba people. And they like highland barley being roasted in a thin slate. As for meat, they like stewing or making jerky.

Lopa has the least population in China with a population around 2,300 people. They mainly lie in the southeast of Luoyu region. A small part of them live in Milin, Motuo, Chayu, Longzi, and Lang County. The clothes for man manifests hunting life in forest. They have no specific calendar and mostly they decide on the dates according to the changes of the moon. Their eating habits are like Tibetan people. And they like drinking highland barley wine and corn wine very much. As for the festivals, necromancers arrange some local festivals.


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