Tibetan New Year 2017 which also called Losar Festival will fall on Feb. 27th, 2017. It is the most important festival in Tibet just like the Chinese Spring Festival. Tibetan people will celebrate this traditional festival for 15 days. During the two weeks, Tibetans will enjoy their annual festival with friends and families. Meanwhile, people will hold on some ancient ceremonies to celebrate this great festival. Moreover, many tourists come to Tibet and feel the typical Tibetan new year atmosphere. View more Tibet festivals here.

Tibetan New Year 2017

Firstly, they will have the main celebrations on the first three days. On the first day, people will drink a beverage named Changkol. The second day is called the King’s Losar. In addition, the last two days of the previous year are called ‘Gutor’ in Tibetan language. In early days of Losar, people will prepare to purchase special goods for use during the Tibetan New Year. On the first day of Gutor, people will do some house cleaning to welcome the coming new year. On the second Gutor day, people will start to celebrate religious ceremonies, such as visit monasteries and donate money or gifts to the monks.

Tibetan New Year 2017-Tibet Losar Festival
Tibetan New Year 2017-Tibet Losar Festival

What’s more, on the New Year’s Day, Tibetans will get up early and dress on their new clothes just as people do during the first day of Chinese Spring Festival. In the meantime, families will gather together to have a group dinner. In the following day, they will visit relatives and friends and send new year gifts to each other. On the third day, they will pay a visit to local Gompas and give donations and hang new prayer flags.

 On the other hand, during the new year, people will have a feast with families after a year’s hard work. The Guthuk is one kind of special noodles that Tibetans eat in the new year. Furthermore, people will celebrate this traditional festival by chanting, dancing and singing. Tibetan New Year 2017 is close, some people may already process their Tibetan New Year festival tour.

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January 29, 2017
Thank you! Is it the same date every February or does it change year to year?
January 29, 2017
Hello Stephanie, The date is different year to year, because the Tibetan calendar and Chinese calendar is different. We will keep it updated.