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Tibetan Rug

Tibetan Rug

Tibetan rug is an ancient traditional handicrafts which is one of the world’s three famous blanket. It can be divided into three types: the first type is made of Tibetan highland yak’s wool and sheep’s wool which the pattern is more complex and vivid and the texture is soft; the second type is woven with sheep wool which the pattern is more simple and light, but there are also some thin rugs in colorful patterns; and the third type is the ‘card pad’ that is the mat. With canvas or cowhide filled with river deer fur and straw or hay, the texture is strong enough. If matching properly, it can be an ideal home decoration. Tibetan Rug

 The weaving of Tibetan rug is unique, with bright and unfading color, soft and delicate texture, coupled with a strong national color pattern. So it has a high appreciation value. The traditional Tibetan art style has a strong religious sense and Han culture. In Lhasa, Tibetan rug stores cater to both local, national and international tourists.

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