Sangmu Village-Home of Tibetan Song and Dance
Lhasa Sangmu Village

Introduction of Sangmu village

Sangmu village Locates in Doilung Deqen County near Lhasa city. It is famous for its song and dance. So it has the name of “Home of Tibetan Song and Dance”. There are many talented folk artists live here. They actively perform on the stage.They are very versatile. Not only can they sing but also play various kinds of instruments. Also, sangmu village has a very long history. It is said that Guru Rinpoche once practiced here. And it is the birthplace of the 3th Dalai Lama. The village still intactly preserves his temple. Moreover, many men of unusual strength and centenarians were born here,too. So it is really a place of speical people. In addition, the handicraft of making wool carpets in the village is well-known in Tibet. Besides the cultural prosperity, the natural scenery is very beautiful. There are many trees and the village looks very lovely.

Tibetan Sangmu village
Sangmu village natural beauty

Tips for Sangmu village Travel

There is no entry fee into the village. Local villagers are very kind and warm-hearted. You can enter in their houses and taste Tibetan local food with them. Also, you can ride horses and have linka (Tibetan picnic) on the fields. After the meal, there are traditional Tibet song and dance performances.It is a real pleasure to watch them. At night, people surround the campfire and tallk with each other. They laugh and enjoy the leisure time together. Being one of them, you can experience the local lifestyle and customs. The transportation to get here is very convenient, only 12km from the city of Lhasa. So you can take bus or taxi.

Tibetan sangmu village night view
Sangmu village night view


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