Tibetan Wood Carving Art
Tibetan wood carving Thangka

If you travel to Tibet, please pay attention to Tibetan wood carving art, the jewel of Tibetan traditional art.


Introduction of Tibetan Wood Carving

Tibetan wood carving is a special kind of Tibetan traditional art. Its style is simple but convey a lot of meanings. When people view those vivid images, they can imagine the bigger picture behind them. As for the process of creation, it tends to grasp the main characteristics of the object. And then it generalize them with exaggeration. Therefore, it has very high aesthetic value and artistic charm. It is used in various places, such as furniture, niche for Buddhist statue and monastery decoration. And they bring the special charm to the solemn religious places.

Tibetan wood carving furniture
Furniture with Tibetan wood carving



Tibetan Wood Carving Thangka

Tibetan wood carving Thangka is a new thing from 1990s. It uses the valuable wood and adopts traditional Han wood carving techniques. Since it has very high value and pluralistic styles, people call it “Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival” in wood carving. The difference between wood carving Thangka and traditional Thangka is the materials. Traditional Thangka uses silk or paint, while wood carving Thangka uses wood. So it realizes the transformation from two dimensions to three dimensions. And People can see more vivid Buddhas. Therefore, it achieves the unification of painting and sculpture.

Tibetan wood carving Thangka
Wood carving Thangka


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